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Welcome to my website!

Given that you've just found me here,
you're probably looking for something
more in your life. A life in which you
decide for yourself, and do not need to
be dependent on someone else, either
emotionally or economically.

I suspect you're seriously looking to find
a new path in your life. You are here because
you want to change and improve. Like
all of us, but I think you just feel that in
order to move on in life you need some
support, help, and positive energy that
could motivate you to take the step
out of your comfort zone and change
the life you have.

I know there is a lot of mentors out there.
We still live in the 2000s and we have come
a long way in the digital world, opening up
many new doors and opportunities.

I want to be honest with you, I'm not in a nice office with expensive furniture and an expensive rental to sell you something!
I'm sitting here at my kitchen table and
I am here to help you reach your dream
or at least motivate you to have a better future.

Power up with Sarah!
Now you are wondering
what I mean by that?
There is so much positive in life but,
often we tend to see the hard and
the negative. You can Power Up life,
your economy, your relationships
and much more!

Have you heard of LOA = The Law of Attraction?
If you think positive you
will attract positive energy, leading to positive
changes in life, if you however
focus on the negative, you then instead attract
the negative energy, which
might have a negative impact on your life.

Ex You have a test at school or an important meeting with a big customer who just has to go well! You agree to the test or the meeting
with thoughts such as:

-Oh! this will never work!

How do you think the meeting or test is going?
Or if you enter the setting that:

-I can do this! Here we go!

Not only does your self-esteem become
better, but also your attitude and your

So we want the right LOA!

Here I will encourage you to positive LOA.

I also offer you to meet my mentors at
Six Figure Mentors (SFM),
which in their turn is actually world-leading in what they do.

My dream is to lead and support, especially those less fortunate in life to actually dare to live.

Dare to have the relationship they want.
Dare to make money.
Dare to be themselves!
Dare to be different!

A thought is always good, but it's the action that
changes the future!

So who is Sarah?
I was born in Karlstad, Sweden in 1981.

In my first years, I only lived with my mother. My
mom then met a new man in Gothenburg and they
married and got two children who were 7 and
10 years younger than me. We moved to Norrland
(Northern Sweden, you know where
the polar bears live) and there we lived until
I became 18. After my 18th birthday, I moved south. Or well, I guess one should rather say
I escaped. But my worst enemy was myself,
and it's hard to escape from myself.
So I've been working a lot with my mindset
over the years.

The road is long and crooked, but I've learned
that it's in hard times you find the strength to
move on.
I'm a woman in my best years if you ask me at least ;). I am a 37-year mother. I have a daughter of 15 years, two sons, 12 and 2 years old.
I am married, live in a house beside a small lake in the countryside.
We also have two cats that make the
neighborhood safe.

I like working with my hands like crochet,
knitting, etc.
What I have come to realize in recent years is that
I want to learn new things. Not one thing but many things.

I did not always feel so good during my childhood
so I chose to live my life without actually living it.

The school was a disaster.

I chose to become a truck driver and got a job
right after school.
The job worked well until I got a family and
realized that to be away from home was not
always the answer.

I tried to find something else to work with, so I
could actually meet my family a little more without getting on my knees financially every month. I was seeking value in life!

I quit my job as a truck driver, which was a big
step for me and tried a little different job.

With my education, it was not easy to find any
a job with better times, which gave the same or
better salary than driving a truck.

I retook some subjects from school to improve my grades and started studying to become a nurse.
However, after a while, I felt that this path was not for me.

I would like to work with people, help people but
I’m not a particularly social person.

I want to challenge myself!

I want to do interesting and fun things with my family.

Last but not least, I want to work with what I want.
Something like freelancing.

Many years ago, I came in contact with this way of working, through, the internet, at an event at
the university. I instantly felt that this was
something for me. Because on the internet,
I can be social when I feel like it! I went to a
lecture about this way of working and the woman
presenting made it sound not to difficult.

But at that time I had no clue, how to do it and
I needed more guidance, so at the time it
was nothing more than that interesting lecture.

After a while, I stumbled upon SFM and read
about them and I felt that this is the support and
guidance I need! I can call or announce support
24 hours a day, as people who work with this
are located all over the world!

But I do not want to make my trip meaningless,
because as I said before, I want to help and
support people.

People who need to get away from their old
and entered tracks, just like me.

This is my experience.

Ok back again to who I am.

I would like to travel more, meet new people
(for sometimes I'm actually a little bit social ;) )
and experience different cultures. See how other
people in the world live, eat and socialize.

My relatives are spread around Europe and I
would also like to meet them more and bring my
family to them more often.

I actually like to travel go by train. There you
have time to hang out while watching nature.
Car, on the other hand, I avoid driving.
Why? It is simply not as harmonious and
enjoyable as going by train.

In order to do this, I need time and flexibility
in my work.
Because this, is my life and I want to feel
VALUE of what I do and convey.

Working as a freelance entrepreneur, I only
need my computer, phone, and internet connection.

Then I can take my job with me, even if I want
to go and greet my family or take my family
with me on a trip. Or just work from home when
I just want to enjoy my family's presenceand. and
that I actually have a house by the lake.

I choose myself!

Here with me, you will get inspiration,
motivation and you will meet my mentors in
SFM and their lovely team if you choose to
work like me.

However, be assured that if you actually choose
to become a student at SFM, it's like all other
companies a lot of work and a lot to learn to get
to where you want and to reach your dreams.

SFM educates you to succeed, they don´t do
the job for you. They give you all the tools you need to

It's your action that makes a difference for you!
But you will never feel lonely and forgotten,
for whatever reason, there is always someone by
your side. Just ask!

If you choose to instead just be inspired and
motivated by what is written, you are welcome
to do that.You decide!