Why Decisiveness Is An Important Skill To Have?

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The Cambridge English Dictionary definition of decisivness: 

    The ability to make decisions quickly and confidently 

Having the ability to make quality decisions in your professional life could be considered as one of the most precious traits someone could ever have. 

So how does one become a decisive leader, In a post on character first the magazine, Judy Hejel, CEO of people and performance training in Australia, suggests the following 5 techniques to becoming a decisive leader. 

  • Be Fully accountable. Own your decisions, speak with conviction, and see decisions through.
  • Have the drive to make your vision a reality. Your determination will keep everyone going.
  • Operate with purpose and values. ledership needs to be driven based and driven towards a clear purpose.
  • Ask the right questions to encourage fast action. Qustions begining with what and how encourage a proactive focus.
  • Do it, don't delay it. Decisive leaders dont wait, they tackle problems as they arise, overcome bureaucracy, and galvanize the team in action

A lot of people can over analyze a situation to a point where no action is getting taken they can be various reasons for this, it could be, they feel they don't know what there doing, or what the next step is, and this creates procrastination, which keeps them stuck. Another reason is they are looking for a perfect solution to move them forward, which rarely exists, also the fear of making mistakes can play a big part in keeping them stuck.

If we then look at it from the other end of the scale, some leaders fly by the seat of their pants dont do any due dilligence, the goal for them, is to make a decision, any desision, to move onto the next topic or agenda.

A good leader recognizes that it is important to have a firmness of caracter, to stay focused on what they are doing, they know its having the balance between the two extremes, knowing they are not going to have all the information available, but there willing to take action, as time is of the essence they become comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  


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