Bliss and fear...learning how to skydive. 

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This was the first time i had jumped out of a perfectly good Airplane in attempt to learn how to fly,the fear doesn't really hit you until the plane door opens and then its why the hell ! am i doing this, so you get into position at the edge of the door with a instructor at each side, then they say are you ready to skydive ?

On signals you jump out! Boom... it took my breath away for a split second and time stop, then i felt a pure feeling of total freedom and peace, apart from the fact that you are falling about 120 mph and any slight movement can change your direction in any direction.

After a minute of freefall and at 5oooft its time to deploy the canopy and make your way to the landing area and about 15ft above the ground you are instructed to “flare” the canopy for a safe landing.


This is a truly amazing experience and i would highly recommend it to anyone who dare’s.

“I was looking for a hobby that would feed my Adrenalin junkie and not be so physically demanding.”

I haven't looked back ! now i am a qualified skydiver, its great  way to feel a sense of freedom. 

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