Do You Dance?

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I am not asking you to dance as in the "Liver Birds" ... Yer Dancin? Yer Askin? 

I mean do you dance? 

undefinedI Love this meme. The truth in this small graphic is massive.

When I started learning about on-line marketing a lot of my family and friends said

  • I was too old!,
  • What is the point?
  • Settle down Accept your Old Age!
  • Who do you think you Are?
  • Why can't you just accept your lot in life
  • Who ever heard of a lorry driver doing THAT?

I promise you these were some of the kinder remarks...

Are We Ever Too Old To Learn?

You can't teach an old dog new tricks! You Will have heard that expression I am sure...

Well my Wife and I have re-started dance lessons, we started before Tom our eldest boy was born, so way back in the last century! ( snigger yes Old Father Time here!)
Tom was born in 1990 so we last took dance lessons in 1989... goodness we have missed it..

Now we may never compete on 'Strictly' ( A British TV Show ) but we have so much fun.

We have always enjoyed going out dancing, well if you spend any time working hotels on the south coast and you will be part of the night life I promise you.

I rarely finished work before midnight, but I would grab Judi ( Or any other girl I could in those days )and head out to dance in one of the many night clubs in Bournemouth, Cocos or Bla Bla's were our favourites, slightly smaller more intimate and we could stay in until 3.30..

We just danced the remainder of the night away.

Northern Soul

Northern Soul is where my roots are I just missed the '60's but for the most of the 70's around the Manchester Clubs Northern Soul was The Thing.

Different to the formality of the 40's, my parents era, but a soul all of it's own... I was even lucky enough to go to the World Famous Wigan Casino for an All Nighter.


We were regarded as Rebels, purely because we were different... but my goodness it felt good to dance, to be free of the worries of life... to Just Dance and be joyous...

We weren't rebelling in any way we were just expressing ourselves and feeling great doing it.

Listening to class music and dancing our hearts out ~ as often as possible!

Wigan Casino Was the Pinnacle For The Northern Soul Dancers

So? Do You Dance?

I ask because I feel that people who give dance a try, and keep at it seem to keep fitter, stay younger, last longer, and seem happier while they do it too..

As the Meme Says You do not get too old to dance you just get old because you stop dancing.

I have found with all things, if you want to try some thing new, just do it...

Now if you are 80 something and decide to become an all in wrestler, it may be challenging... but realistically if you are fit enough and you stay within reasonable safety boundaries, I can't see why you should not do it...

Have you seen any of the recent para olympics In Brazil?

If That does not inspire you to do something I have no idea what will, we can all make excuses around time and money, and work... but really 

If You Want To Do Something... You Will Find A Way...

This is all about living in the Now ~ Not when we can afford it or when we... NO Banish the when we's

We need to do now

I am so glad Judi and I started our dance lessons again...

Do we feel stupid when we stumble or get it wrong, a little bit may be.

Do we regret the last 30 years ... not at all we have had great fun bringing up 4 fab kids...

NOW is our time, I wish I had made time for dancing more often, but we always danced where ever we went and music played. First on the floor Last to leave

But now we are learning New Dances and making New Friends too.

So if you feel you are ready to dance my advice is go and do it...

If you feel you are ready to change some things in your life ...

Just do it... Do Not Let the Naysayers put you off... just because they have forgotten the joy of dancing, does not mean we all have to ;-) A digital Business may not be for everyone..

But If you are some one who

  • Is ambitious
  • Like's the Good Things In Life
  • Understands that Work comes before money
  • That learning a new skill will take time
  • Is Prepared to Invest in Yourself

Then I may well be able to help you.

Underneath this blog post is a fabulous free trial offer. There is No Catch, you can literally access the training and see if what we offer is the right fit for you...

If it isn't hey no worries

There is no point taking Salsa classes if you want to learn to Tango.

If it is something that looks as though it may be of interest then, 

I look forward to helping you take your first few steps, we all have our own rythm, so do not feel under any pressure... All I would say is

You are reading this, so you probably do want to change some things in your life

May be NOW is the time

Stay happy and have fun