For the Love of Golf.

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Today was our regular Tuesday golf day.

Since Canada Day is July 1, this was our closest golf day to Canada Day.

The ladies dressed up in their festive red and white and were in a cheerful, celebration mode.

Many of us love our golfing as it keeps us moving. These friendships developed are often a lifetime of meaningful relationships. The game of golf is what brought us together & keeps us in touch with one another 3-5x's a week. It is a great sport that one can do into their senior years.undefined

Our eldest gal this year is 88 years young & still rakes up the pine needles at her home each spring. She also does therapeutic touch for many seniors that are unable to get out.

It is such a joy to see folks in their later years enjoying life & serving others.

Today on hole #3 I prepared for my tee shot, got lined up carefully & took my mighty swing and felt a wretching pain pull in my left knee. As I limped back to my cart I was offered a Tylenol 2 for pain, I accepted it graciously as I have never felt that excruciating pain in my knee. I warned the girls I seldom take any medication, just in case I had a weird reaction. 

All was painfully well. I continued to play 18 holes, shooting a decent 93 for an ailing me.

On arriving home, I received some T.L.C., lunch & a sleep.

Upon waking I looked at my knee. It definitely was swollen.undefined

Still hurting & in need of a rest.

So I promised my knee I would give it a 2-day rest & hoped it would heal by Friday for my next golf game.

Golf is like life, & business. When you keep on moving, persisting to achieve your goals, never quitting or giving up, things will improve. Love what you do. xo.