How to be Running Like a Boss and do Business Like a Runner

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When running like a boss, things start to happen….

Running like a boss is a kind of metaphor that could be the most powerful mindset for you this year. In several articles, I’m emphasizing the similarities between running a marathon and entrepreneurship. In fact, these two activities have much more in common than what you think.

You need guts to be running like a boss, but how often do you hear that being your own boss is something that should cause any struggle?

Being both a passionate runner and an enthusiastic entrepreneur running my own business, I know that those activities have so much in common. Leveraging the two activities will save you a lot of time and effort.

In the turbulent epidemic environment we are facing right now, all people start to question almost everything. It can be from how you live your life to how to live the rest of your days on earth. Without any doubt, Coronavirus represents an unusual eye-opener.

Suppose you belong to the big group of baby boomers as I do. In that case, entrepreneurship and marathon running most probably do not fit into the frame you’re familiar with. more!