How to Keep on Running During the Pandemic

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Running during the pandemic separate winners from the rest

To keep on running during the pandemic means two things if you are a runner and an entrepreneur.

  1. Nothing can stop you from keep on running during the pandemic
  2. As an entrepreneur, you'll always find a way your business will keep on running during the pandemic

These statements could sound somewhat pathetic, but the truth is that the enthusiasm and the passion both runners and entrepreneurs have in their mindset will never lead to an obstacle to stop your activities.

During the last weeks, you have probably seen people running full marathons on their balconies. You will also see how real entrepreneurs search for opportunities during these Coronavirus times.

The situation we face right now is serious. All people should do whatever they can to avoid contact with other people. It can be difficult, as we as humans very much depend on social interchanges. Fortunately, the digitalization allows you to connect virtually through all social media available out there.


Running During the Pandemic

As a passionate, I would say almost obsessed, marathon runner the closedown of my training program, just doesn't exist in my agenda. Where I'm living, the total lockdown is not here yet, but I can do my daily training session. Of course, I do it early in the morning, keeping several meters of distance when other runners are passing.

When the lockdown day will come, and for sure it will, I have already recognized where to keep on running during the epidemic. In the worst-case scenario, even I have a big balcony, allowing me to continue with my running. Tomorrow's long run doesn't seem to be in danger, and early in the morning, I'll be out to complete the programmed 22km.


Business as Usual

Meanwhile, millions of people are losing their jobs around the world due to this epidemic disaster; I'm lucky to not be in the same position.

After starting my online business part-time 2013, I could step by step find the correct path towards a business totally Internet-based. The advantage of doing it part-while while still continuing my corporate job 9-5, Monday to Friday, is that I could do it at my pace. There was no pressure to get results. However, the enthusiasm and the results coming in motivated me to work harder than I did even during my day job.

The pleasure top hand in my resignation in August 2014 cannot be described with words. It was not fun to leave a job that I was quite satisfied with. To separate from colleagues after years of collaboration isn't anything you hang up on the positive side.

The enormous pleasure at this point can be described with three words:


Pride, earnings, and fun

Pride – to finally be your own boss and be both accountable and beneficiary for your actions is something priceless 

Earnings – writing your own paycheck has been a sort of cliché, but the feeling to know that there are no limits to what you can earn. Wow!

Fun – this part cannot be measured in money or any other number. To be with your family when you want. To travel to your favorite places when you decide to do so. Nothing can be more fun.

Finally, I could combine my marathon running, which is time-consuming, with my business. I'm the boss. The synergies are enormous between marathon training and online entrepreneurship, the reason why two so different activities fit so well together.

Both require planning and discipline, and never before, I noticed how well running and entrepreneurship are tied together.

Marathons and Online Businesses Make a Perfect Match

undefinedTo start training for marathons, you need a professional training program that fits into your lifestyle, and you need a pair (well, a couple of pairs) of running shoes.

Of course, you need other things like suitable clothes for running, etc. But you should never save on your shoes. It can be the difference between success and a season destroyed by injuries.

When starting up a business online, it can be a little bit more tricky if you don't watch out for all the rabbit holes you will find on your way. Let's make it clear from the beginning, there are a lot of false promises and pure scams out there, offering you to become rich overnight.

Before finding the right business set up, I run into some of these false promises. It cost me some money, but I learned how to check up the offers you'll find on the Internet.

The platform I signed up to 2014 and still are working with, is a complete system providing you with absolutely everything you will need for your online business. There is a never-ending arsenal of education modules. All the technical stuff to build your website or blog is there for you.

Conclusions to Keep on Running During the Pandemic

If you like me have a passion or hobby, like my marathon running, this system and platform will give you an outstanding opportunity to leverage all you need to create the lifestyle you deserve.

Try it part-time, as I did, and take your time to build something solid and long-lasting.

In fact, to keep on running during the pandemic is the same for me as before the Coronavirus. Many are talking about that the world will not be the same after this pandemic is over.

The truth is that people will notice how dependent we are on the digital world. To be prepared, you should take the step now. Take advantage of the lockdown we have everywhere and learn how to manage your own business, your way, and on your terms.

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