Running towards progression

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So, I started running again after 7years, a little bit about my past. I use to be a sprinter I enjoyed the 100m, 200m, and the 400m sprint but then I let life get in the way.

So, what is it that got me to start running again? The simple answer is 101 days of lockdown. I use to go to the gym five to six days a week and it was essential not only to my physical fitness but also my mental wellbeing. My self-confidence was slowly decreasing along with my muscle tone, and this drastically affected my mental state. 

So this had me thinking why something like a habit/ practise such as regular training or lack of training had such an impact on my mental health, and what I realized was. 

Every workout that I had finished was a challenge accepted and overcame, I know that this might appear obvious too you but bear with me. Each time I go back to the gym seeing progress in appearance, strength, and endurance it lit some type of flame in me, a flame that I then started to light by running.

The flame that I lit was one of progress and achieving, I was able to track my progress with a fitness tracker. This gave me a sense of progress and momentum that I needed to get to a better state of mind. 

 I decided then to invest in running shoes, mostly for the accountability factor. I knew for my mental wellbeing that I had to do something to survive and be mentally strong to continue with my digital business.

So here are a few tips to help you get started or to improve your running.


Take action
Go out and run get a foundation from where you can build, run in a way that feels natural, and focus on how you breathe do not focus on time focus on the distance.


Invest in running shoes
If you don’t have running shoes yet go get some it is truly worth the investment. A good pair of running shoes can help with injury prevention, take the time to see an expert at your local store and get the right shoe for your weight and foot shape.


What breath to take and when
Something as natural as breathing can change the game here, so you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide(CO2).

Most of us have been in a position where we feel like we are hyperventilating and start to feel dizzy, the reason for this is we breathe out more CO2 that we can breathe in oxygen and this squeezes our blood vessels preventing blood from getting to useful places in our bodies like our brain, causing dizziness.

How should your breathing be??
At the start of you run after you have warmed up breathe slowly 4-6 seconds in and 4-6 seconds out through the nose (if possible). You will notice that this method will not allow you to run fast, and this is a good thing you don’t want to start to fast as I have been told.

When you are ready to step it up at bit focus your breathing on Fast and hard in for 2 seconds and slow and controlled out for 4 seconds. This should be your cruising pace, I like to stay out my head focus on my breathing and enjoy my environment this should be the majority of your run.

As you start to struggle keeping with the breathing tempo take a break walk for a bit get your breathing back to the 4-6 seconds in and 4-6 seconds out tempo while you walk and when you feel ready to get back at it.

So the last method that I use is the fast 2 second in and fast 2 seconds out, this is when you dig deep and produce some serious horsepower to pass a few competitors or you are just that eager to get home. 


I use those last few ponies to beat my girlfriend home or my dog Jojo.

                                    P.S. This is Jojo

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