undefinedDo we have more wasps than we used to ? Or do we just hear about more people  getting stung by wasps ?

I got such a good sting this year on my ankle , the pain and swelling lasted at least 4 weeks. When we called to have them sprayed, the powers that be said they'd spray the whole building and we need not be home to show them the hole that the wasps were going in and out of.

Sure enough they sprayed and missed the opening that the wasps were going in and out of. We sent a detailed e-mail describing the location of the wasps nest and they found it , sprayed the entrance and we no longer see wasps coming and going in that hole just to the right hand , lower side of our door entrance.

On Sunday I hit my golf ball into a popular group of trees for golf ball landings. I couldn't find my ball, I detected a swarm of wasps buzzing around on the ground. 

Would you believe my ball went right into the hole that was the entrance to there home. The wasps were buzzing frantically around the hole and you could see my golf ball. I put a big P and happy face on my golf balls, I know my balls. 

I thought the safest thing for us to do was to get away from there, so we did. One of the guys we were golfing with, after we had carried on, put his putter into the wasps hole and pulled out my ball. I guess he saved a lot of wasps and my ball. I was grateful for my golf ball and I'm sure the wasps appreciated having the entrance to their home freed up.1410130322233_wps_71_a_common_wasps_at_nest_ve Then our friend proceeded to tell us he was allergic to wasp stings. He saved my ball but could have died as a result. sherry_wasp_sting

Then our niece was also stung  by a wasp on her tongue while golfing. She spent the night in the hospital as she swelled up so badly she explained her voice as sounding like Donald Duck.

Many people are allergic to wasp stings and carry an EpiPen at all times. Apparently the cost of an EpiPen is approx. $100.00 in Canada and about $300.00 in the U.S. Apparently they have an expiry date and you have to buy them again. WOW what a cost for large families.

Would you like to see a way to cover your costs for EpiPens, hospital stays and lost income, from lost days at work for those without coverage.

Many people are needing extra income to cover extra costs caused often by WASP'S.

Our Mentors are showing us a way to

cover any costs that my arise .

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