Why Discipline is my number One Value

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What is Discipline what does that mean to you 

The Cambridge English Dictionary describes it as 

1 Training that makes people more able to obey or more able to control themselves, often in    the form of rules and punishments if these are broken, or behaviour produced by this training.

2 The ability to control yourself or other people, even in difficult situations.

Without discipline your chances, in life are pretty slim in fact I would say nil. Who do you most admire, I can take a guess and I would bet that they, or him or her, live their lives in a disciplined way.

Whatever it is you admire about them, it could be your sporting idol your grandmother, on how she,s always there for you, or your best friend, who is always there for you no matter what. This takes controlled behaviour the commitment to put someone or something first.

My question to you is what area in your life can you honestly say you are disciplined in. Is it your work, your passion,  or is it your health and well being.

When others look at you. Can they see evidence, that you are living a life with discipline? With controlled behaviour and effort, you can create momentum in your life.

momentum =mass times velocity 

This is what generates results over time, Please note, its results over time, it's not instant gratification, and it,s about understanding delayed gratification.

Right now your results may not be what you want, or they may be lacking consistency, or you would prefer to change them. To change anything in your life requires effort.

People sometimes wait until they feel motivated, before starting, and this can be a sign of procrastination. When you start you will find motivation follows, the space in between these two is the dangerous part where most people find a reason not to continue.

John Assaraf from Neurogym explains the space in between really well, he says procrastination is an effect,its not the cause of itself, its an effect of either, Low self-worth or Low self-esteem, a desire to feel stimulated before you do something, and in many cases, procrastination has a lot to do with Self-doubt, where you don't know exactly what to do, so you feel fear of failing, until you have to absolutely do it, as you have no choice.  

I can certainly identify with, the part, when I am struggling to understand something, not knowing exactly what to do, I can find myself procrastinating. This is when it,s very important to keep your commitments to yourself to take action, this is a major source of personal power. This is where your power as an entrepreneur comes from.

The ability to control yourself even in difficult situations is self-discipline which is action-oriented, consistent patient work is the way to make progress. Dedication and consistency lead to massive improvements. 

When you make a tremendous effort to get started, you're lucky if you move an inch, but day by day night by night, you keep the momentum going, you will find your motivation starts to build then it's down to your discipline and persistent work ethic. 

Consistent patient work is the way to make progress your dedication and consistency leads to massive improvements, remember improvements can have a different meaning for everybody, so never judge yourself against anyone, this is your journey your mission.

When things get tough, and they will, the struggle you are feeling today will offer you the strength you need tomorrow, please remember it's your daily and consistent activity that starts to get easier ie your first video recording versus your 100th video recording.

It's like running downhill, the momentum that you have worked so hard to create, it starts to feel if it is carrying you, it starts to propel you forward. Quiet discipline is what's required to achieve the downward hill effect.

" Quietly achieve day by day and let the outcome dawn on others"

When you start to feel the magic of the downhill effect, the magic of momentum. when you start to see tangible results and can feel your momentum building that,s when you start to push. to a breakthrough that's when you see change happening.

So who do you want to attract, to be part of your journey, this journey we call life. if you have the right people on your journey it allows you to be much smarter and faster, responding to change.

The right people are self-motivated and have an expectation of producing great results. 


Give yourself permission to go at your own pace, and suddenly an entirely new world of possibilities will appear.

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