Why is Your Online Business Like a Marathon?

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Run your online business like a marathon and become a winner

To run your online business like a marathon, you have probably heard a couple of times. But what does it mean, and what do you need to do?

Being both a marathon runner and managing my own online business, I know how true it is to view your online business like a marathon.

This article will not convince you to be a marathon runner. However, knowing how to run 42.2K (26.2 miles) without falling apart will help create your online business.

In one of my earlier articles, the word leverage was the glue between marathon training and entrepreneurship. 

Searching around on the Internet, you'll find thousands of different articles about the same topic. All analyses are valid. The truth is that the list can be almost endless if you would like to compare the similarities.

After reading a lot on the web and comparing it with my own experience, this article will boil it down to my "Magic Formula" for running your online business like a marathon. It's all from mindset to practical work, and by using the formula, you will substantially increase your probability for success.

As all formulas, and to more easily remember it, it has its own name: B L A C K  J A C K...... .......Continue reading>>