Alexander Heil

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Hi, my name is Alex.

I was born on March 5th, 1980 in Southern Germany, right on the border with Switzerland. In fact, you could walk from my house over to Switzerland in 5 minutes! I grew up with my 2 younger brothers and younger sister.

At school, I did OK, but I decided to leave after the 10th grade. After that, you could say I bounced around from job to job. Here are just some of the roles I held:
• Apprentice banker
• Saving people’s lives with the German Red Cross
• Building swimming pools in Australia (where I learned English)
• Apprentice tiler
• Tram driver in Zurich
• Landscape gardening

I loved parts of all these jobs, I made great MEMORIES, but I could never say that I was ‘fulfilled’. I never really knew what I wanted to do, so I drifted and drifted.

To make a long story short,
I had to experience I rather huge amount of struggle in my life, from early ages.
I was a mixture of being depressed a lot, of feeling insecure and unworthy and so on.

But the huge TURN happened in 2018 when I got introduced to 2 things.

• Abraham Hicks
• online Marketing

For the first time in my life, TRUE FULFILLMENT has been revealed to me.

And now there are two things that are very important to me.

1st : I want to GIVE BACK
2nd : I want to SHARE as much as possible

I want to show people that is it not difficult at all to utterly change one's life into happiness, joy & abundance.

My mission

• To wake people up to the POSSIBILITIES of life.
• To make people realise they DON’T have to confine themselves to the limiting beliefs of society.
• To show that there is NOTHING you can’t do or can’t be, unless you work against it.

My vision

• The more I succeed in my mission, an UNLIMITED number of people around the world will be able to experience what it means to live a life of true fulfilment.
• They will learn that WELLBEING and JOY is the nature of all that exists. It is in reach and achievable without struggle or pain.
• Abundance of wellbeing and HEALTH, FREEDOM of time and financial ABUNDANCE will come with ease.

I believe that one of THE MOST important messages there is are the TEACHINGS OF ABRAHAM.
It is my passion to share as much as I can from what Abraham has shared so far with us through Esther.

I want everyone to have the possibility to read it.
To be able to enjoy and learn and be fascinated by it.

As there are endless videos out there available on youtube for everyone (about Abraham Hicks- The Teachings of Abraham) -

I want to make it available for people to read.

I love the teachings of Abraham and I want to share my love for it with you.

Right here, I want to say thank you for reading my story and tell you how much I love and appreciate that you did.
You are AWESOME.

If you are interested to know even more about me, please let me invite you to my personal "About Me" page on my website.