3 Things about PersonaI Development wish I knew before 20's

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HA HA HA! Really? I asked him.

It was the dean of the Faculty of Economics I was saying that to.

He looked at me and said: " What you do with your time is very important, Betuel."

There was a late atumn of 2014 back then, nothing was more tremedous than seeing a guy coming every week to our class and telling us about business and personal development. Everyone was skeptical, as kids we perceived him being like a clown, like someone who was making jokes about things, but it was too hard to recognize the face of entrepreneurial spirit. For us, happy life refered only to having the latest computer game and stay with the parents forever after.

What meant for me in the end was the most precious lesson I have ever learned about life. The dean has opened my eyes to the world of creativity. Until the end of the year I was the only one from the class who applied to the best faculty of business in the country. And I got accepted by the way.

The 3 Things that opened my eyes about Business and Personal Development:

1. You only have a limited ammount of time in life

We just don't live forever.Period.

Although you believe in recarnation, afterlife or permanent death you still don't live forever. At the end of the road you will change your form, you will get out of yourself, you will leave this tiny segment that we call "Life". The science has improved the life longevity by now, however there are people dying everyday. The time will pass anyway, the life will go on anyway, the river in the forest will flow anyway, and the flowers will bloom and then will become wilted and their seed will grow again.

Even the sun will rise and will set anyway, the summer will come and then the winter will follow. If we, as humans do not follow the way of growth we will die before we get burried. It's too bad that many people die at 25 years old and get burried at 65 years old. Why on earth would the universe enjoy keeping a death spirit with a walking-dead body for more than 40 years ? 

It is extremely simple: life still want us to revive, to return to living the way we are supposed to live. 

If we live by 70 years old we would have 751,070,880 breaths.How many of those breaths were lost in vain by now? Do we actually "Count the days" or "Make the days count" ?  

If you would have one more day to live, how would you live that day? We would have only 28,800 breaths left. What would you do with them?

2. Don't expect anything from the world, but rather make yourself expected

I have met a lot of people who say that they feel rejected and oppressed by the world. They complain about their geographical location, the place they come from, their family background and the lack of education. I asked myself everyday, what is more important in life: my lacks or my achivements? 


The world was always the same when it comes about focusing on the wrong side. Unfortunately, the majority of people have a negative thinking about everything. Instead of focusing on winning, people focus on "how not to lose it". 

This is not pessimism. According to dictionary.com           pessimism= the tendency to see, anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes, results, conditions, problems, etc. 

Not focusing on the light creates the "running from dark" scenario. I would not advice anyone to live his life in that way. 

Therefore, "making yourself expected" means creating your way through the world. Afterall that is the path of life, towards life, and for life. The front lights are more important than the rear lights because you need light to see the way you are going on.

When we talk about unpleasant things we should use the rear lights because they are more flaring. The front lights are more glittering. So they must point forward to the next milestone, while helping you to avoid going off the beaten track.

3. Enjoy the road!   

Why did I mention this? 

The last thing we would like to become is an unhappy being at the end of the road.

What make us great is not the pits we jumped over, or the mountains we climbed on, but rather the way we behaved towards others on the road to success. In other words, the way you live your day  determines the way you live your life

You are part of life. Enjoy this segment.

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."- Indian proverb

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3 things can change the trajectory of one's life.

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