All About Courage And How To Get More

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All of us, human beings we have our dreams, ambitions, visions about our future, our life. We have an outstanding power of imagination but how many of us really pursue our desires until we achieve them?

Only a few of us. There are more of those who flow on the clouds of dreams and visions. Those who from time to time hop from one cloud to another to get closer to finalise the dream. However, the first little mistake or one unsuccessful step makes us stop. We take a long pause and hesitate if this path is right for us.

I've been asking why? Why do we start this journey over and over again and hardly ever see the end? 

Is it Courage?

Suddenly we are enthusiastic and we feel that we can rule the world. Then, as suddenly as these emotions originated, as unexpectedly they are gone. And we long and long to achieve this state of mind one more time.

Do we have to be born with courage or can it be learned?

Or maybe we have to grow to it. 

The research I have done proves that courage is an external characteristic. Yes, that's a good news. People are not born with this feature. It's not genetics. It is a mastery, which everyone can achieve. 

What is Courage?

It is all about the support system and knowledge that someone else has our back. 

The key is to know that someone believes in us, cares about us. That someone is there when we struggle and we doubt ourselves to say no, I believe in you, you got this.

And then we work extra hard. We want to prove to that someone that believing in us was worth it. This gives us courage.

How to get more Courage?

By becoming a leader.

The leader is the one with the courage to take the risk to do vulnerable things first. To go to the directions where many fail, to admit that making mistakes is a part of the process and not to be afraid to ask for help. 

The leader has the courage the risk humiliation. To show the vulnerability.

And when the leader leads this way, everybody follows him. Not because of the status or the rank of the function but because they believe in him.

By becoming leaders, we grow a list of followers. We take responsibility to lead and to build up the audience. With each new member in our community, we get more courage. We are becoming the best listeners, we see ourselves in service to a bigger cause than ourselves. We are the servants, who care for our people, so they succeed, they do well in life.

It is good to start small with friends and family by sharing our dreams. What we want to achieve and what we aim for. At the beginning, our closest ones will be our supporters who have our backs. For a simple reason. Because they love us. 

With them believing in us, our courage is growing. We feel confident in what we do. We become successful and we are ready to build a bigger audience around us. 

That's why I encourage you to find your followers. Become a leader. There is always someone who needs our help. We are good enough to show those in need how to move on or how to make the first step. In return, they'll believe in us and our courage will grow and grow.

For those who would like to hear more, here is a video by Simon Sinek talking about courage:

And bonus 2, for those who want to become responsible leaders. Click here and scroll down to check my community of same minded individuals. We are there for each other, having our backs, supporting each other on our journeys to make our dreams and wishes happen.

With love