A Definite Decision

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Lack of definiteness of decision is usually something we develop as a youngster; the tendency to change our minds quickly inevitably leads us to a lack of productivity and progress in our lives. The good news is it’s something we can all change, and we will be required to if we want to become a leader.


I can’t pinpoint exactly when it was the case for me, but I realise the root cause, where the habit first began, and that was due to the fact I’ve never uncovered what my true purpose is in life. Worse still, before now I was never looking.

A lack of purpose inevitably leads to a lack of direction. Without actually knowing what it is I really wanted from life, I was happy to be pulled around from one fleeting fancy to the next, but ya know, this goes nowhere fast, and if we have a desire and aspiration for success and achievement in life, then this is the start point, what is your purpose?

So after we’ve done a bit of soul searching, we have the purpose, it’s time to understand, what are our intermediate goals leading to fulfilling our purpose? The problem with the mind is that it wants everything, and it must be now! Take a step back and identify these goals and then break down further into immediate action steps. With a definite plan in place, when we arrive at the inevitable obstacles en route, we will be sure what action/ decision we need to take, that will move us forward towards achieving our goal.

undefined Everybody likes to offer an opinion, which is usually formulated upon somebody else’s opinion, what has been read or talked about, and it’s usually from a source that actually has no factual or experiential knowledge in that field in the first place. I liked, and still do in fact, to offer my 10 cents to those foolish enough to give me the time of day...


You see the problem? If we allow our thoughts and opinions to be injudiciously influenced by those and the media around us, we will not be in the habit of actually experiencing and educating ourselves to develop our own intelligent opinion, we will always be looking to somebody else for answers. Then how can we ever expect our mind to arrive at a definite decision?

The Judicious acquisition of knowledge, will of course allow us the intellectual resources that will aid in supporting a correct decision. Surrounding ourselves with the right people, experiences and information

Those who reach a decision promptly and will, if necessary, change their minds slowly, have a clear understanding what it is they want and how it is they are going to get it. Decisions are taken with absolute faith and courage, blind to the possibility of failure. This is why they often get what they want.  This is why they are leaders.

Using our own mind, to set definite goals, definite plans of attaining our goals, gain the support and knowledge from appropriate resources and closing the mind towards negative or un-useful influence will allow us to arrive at a definite decision. This will naturally give us the faith that our decision is correct and the courage to stand by it even if others question the decision.

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