Five hot tips to stop wasting your time.

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Your time freedom is of paramount importance to you. When in work mode, many of us find that we waste our time and don't get as many things done as we would like. We all have 24 hours but realistically how long have we really got to make an impact?  Here are some clever tips to stop wasting your time and start changing your life. 

 1.Planning your day

If you plan your day the day before, you already have a map in your mind of what you need to do to get ahead. You will need to take around five minutes to clarify exactly it is you want to do. Pick realistic goals that are achievable. So for example you might want to study two aspects of a particular topic and implement it in four simple ways. It could be that you need to do half an hour exercise in the day. Write a quick list and estimate the time needed to complete each task. It really helps to try and determine what type of day it is going to be. If there are things that take priority over others then put these on your schedule first. You could aim to do your most important tasks before lunch.

2. Batch your jobs.

If you are doing similar tasks, try to complete these in one go. This reduces start-up and slow-down time. The time it takes to load your e-mail inbox might not seem like much, but it adds up over time. Even worse is the mental delay it takes to switch from doing one type of task to another.
This reduces daily clutter. Instead of having seven individual writing times throughout the week I only choose three. Instead of having several scans of my inbox each day, have two. Instead of doing your work in pieces, do it in one session.
This improves focus and as you work for longer on a task, you can begin to enter into a flow. Flow is the state of mind where work becomes easy and distractions melt away. 

3 Don't consume and create at the same time.

Multitasking is not always the most productive way to create. If researching a particular area, stick to that area of research. If writing an article, don't have the television on, whilst checking your emails, whilst drinking coffee, with the radio on full. Again this removes distractions, so that your primary goal is one that allows you to fully focus on one thing. Treat your business as business. This requires a level of self discipline but allows you the mental space to create successfully. Similarly if you are spending valuable time with family, friends or a loved one, give them all of your full attention.

4.Reduce overwhelm

We often become overwhelmed when faced with a mountain of jobs that can not be completed. It is better to break down our jobs into smaller steps so that they become more manageable. When you feel that you can not complete everything, this is where you can become strategic and share out your workload, if possible. If you allow another person to take on a smaller level of involvement in your work, this can help take some of the pressure. It should be a person that you trust and respect so that you feel comfortable with the help!

5. Have Someone Hold You Accountable.

At the end of the day, we are much more likely to take action if someone is taking note and tracking our goals, but also coaching us and cheering us on along the way. Find someone you trust to be your accountability partner (a different personality from you is good, maybe better). Talk to them about your goals. Get specific with them about actions you will want to take to meet your goals as well as consequences/rewards for taking or not taking them. Set up regular check-up times. Revisit goals and strategies every once in a while to make sure you are on track.

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