Crucial series part 3: MINDSET, MINDSET, MINDSET...

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Here is another important aspect of an entrepreneur journey that I disregarded with the results you are now familiar with: the mindset!

Some think that this topic is just gibberish mumbo jumbo, others don't. To each his own.

My opinion is this:

I have failed online without it while others have been hugely successful as they say, thanks to it. So as I am not crazy, I am going to at least try it out.

When I first did, I came across the infamous law of attraction. Now, everyone has a say about it. No one will disagree, I hope:) when I say that nobody knows EXACTLY how our brain, chain of thoughts interacts with reality.

We see some aspects of it in our daily lives:

  • wake up moody, your day won't probably be the brightest:)
  • think about someone, and right away this person surprisingly is calling you on the phone.
  • Positive things happen to positive people and vice versa.
  • Intuitions now and then about events that finally occurs.

Having a positive mindset is an effort of every second. Especially, when you have been raised to detect defaults instead of bright sides. But it can be done.

From a practical point of view, if I am starting a business that I want successful I may as well not leave anything to chances, right?

I recommend Tony Robins and Jim Rhon books or free videos on youtube for those who have a restricted budget or prefer a visual format. But they are others out there. Find the one that speaks the most to you.

I have also subscribed to a pretty amazing channel in my opinion: youarecreators. There are loads of videos in there with great contents. Check it out here.

Remember, when building your positive mindset, focus, attention, and repetition are key when listening or reading materials.

I'll finish this post with an anecdote and a gift :)

The anecdote first:

I have started a week ago experimenting with my thoughts, directing them towards a goal. I set a goal to win some money I need for a fresh start with my life and business. Don't ask, I won't mention the amount:)

So I sent my attention on winning a certain amount at the lottery. Keep in mind that I have never won more than 5 euros in my entire life.

I have played on the lottery of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of last week and I won each time. Not much, 20 euros there, 6 euros here. To some, it may seem ridiculous. But to me, the fact that I have won each time and those amounts like never before,  says something is moving forward:)

I will keep you posted on this.

Now the gift:)

Here is a video of the infamous Jim Rhon which had and still has a huge impact on me. I have watched/ listen to it several times. Quite frankly, I've lost count. It comes from the channel youarecreators I have mentioned before.


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Till next time, take care:)


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