How to Create the Retirement Lifestyle You Will Love

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Your retirement lifestyle - from dream to reality  

The retirement lifestyle you have in mind before retire does not always turn out the way you thought. There can be various reasons behind this, but typically it boils down to a financial issue.

Today, when this article goes live, it was exactly 13 years ago Dow Jones Industrial fell 777.68 points. It's the largest single-day loss, following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual.

History shows that these financial crashes repeat almost in a cyclic way. Suppose your funds for retirement are involved in those financial meltdowns. In that case, you have to forget about the retirement lifestyle you dream about.

Without going to the edge of what can happen when economies fail, the truth is that most people retiring will get lower, and in many cases much lower, income compared to when active in the labor market .....Continue reading!>>

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