How To Keep Your Dreams Alive

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Alot of times in day to day life when swamped with, what seems like, never ending tasks it can become difficult to focus on the bigger picture. The oppurtunity to get what you really want out of life slips away before you even become aware of it. How can you stop this from happening? A very important task I have found to keeping your dreams and goals in life alive is to write a bucket list. Why is just writting a bucket list important? Three reasons. Purpose, focus and direction. When you take your goals out of your head and write them down they become more powerful and your conscious and subconscious mind align together to acomplish these goals. 


Want some bucket list ideas inspiration? Heres my 50 list bucket list below.

1. Convert a Mercedes Sprinter LWB van, live and travel in it.                                     

2. Skydive in New Zealand                                                                      

3. Visit New Zealand-go visit the shire from LOTR

4. Visit Thailand-go to a full moon party

5. Visit Vietnam-ride a water buffalo

6. Be a digital marketing expert (getting there..)

7. Have a successful eco friendly fashion line

8. Get into forbes magazine

9. Present a TED talk

10. Meet David Attenborough

11. Meet Derren Brown 

12. Watch Derren Brown perform live

13. Go cliff climbing 

14. Go paragliding 

15. Go to India-visit animal sanctuary, see rescued elephants and monkeys. 

16. Go on a safari in Africa

17. Flip a 100kg tire at the gym (easily)

18. Learn to play guitar 

19. Learn to play Sax

20. Learn a unique unknown instrument 

21. Learn to play piano 

22. Visit the grand canyon

23. Visit Machu Acchu 

24. Go to a brazalian carnival 

25. Go to La Tomatina 

26. Stay at the ice hotel and see the northern lights

27. Go to iceland 

28. Go to the blue lagoon 

29. Go to hot springs

30. Go snowboarding 

31. Participate in hypnotherapy 

32. Go flyboarding 

33. Visit the pyramids of Giza

34. Go snorkeling 

35. Learn to surf

36. Sell a painting I made

37. Swim in the worlds largest swimming pool 

38. fly in a hot air balloon over the loire valley 

39. Go whale watching with my mum (shes always wanted to go) 

40. Swim in the ocean with dolphins 

41. Go zorking 

42. Be able to do 100 consecutive push ups

43. complete a marathon

44. Do a 1 minute plank

45. Edge walk on Torontos CN tower

46. Hike the appalchian trial 

47. Solve a rubik cube

48. Fly first class 

49. Learn to play chess

50. Visit chernobyl with my dad as we are both into abandoned places

...if you liked those 50 ill be posting another 50 sometime next week so dont forget to go follow me on instagram, leave a comment on what your favourite thing on the list was and anything I didnt have on there that you have on YOUR bucket list. I might add that to my list for next week!

Over and out, 

Hayley x

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