LEADERSHIP - Not Always From The Front

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How often do you think of leadership as a person who takes the lead by going first? Consider that there are other ways of demonstrating leadership that has the so-called 'leader' be in the 'background'. What does it take? How does that work? Surely, in order to be a good leader, one needs to "lead by example"?

Ever since I was a young boy, and already noticing I was falling behind, (in terms of growing taller!), I developed a persona that confronted being a so-called 'short-arse'. I realized that by being 'popular' was one way to divert my situation, so to speak.  Because I was fun-loving and had a pioneering spirit, I became skillful in organizing my friends to follow me, often resulting in happy memories, built for the future and a whole lot of fond reminiscing. By the age of 30, I thought I was a good  'leader'.


1994 had me start the Self Expression and Leadership program run by Landmark Education. I entered this 3-month training course with a FUTURE I created for myself called: "Love expressed through Inspiration, Energy, and Enthusiasm." I was given a coach and I created the Ceasefire Project; The Causing of World Peace (by 2020) through the use of FIRE. Living into THAT FUTURE, I found myself enrolling people to join me to learn and perform a fire breathing show at the Sydney Opera House, which gained Channel 10 News in Australia and CNN News internationally in the name of World Peace. I did indeed "find myself expressing my thinking and ideas effectively in a way that called forth the alignment, cooperation, and partnership of others"!


1997 had me start the Team Management and Leadership Program, again run by Landmark Education. I took the Ceasefire Project (mentioned above) into this program and shared it with participants from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, (Australia) & Auckland and Christchurch (New Zealand). Having taught the participants, they returned to their cities and organized and performed WITHOUT MY PRESENCE. The main skill I learned was true to "be empowered to work with others in a way that their leadership abilities are significantly expanded". Essentially, I had learned to disappear!

In summary, with effective communication and the distinction "ENROLLMENT" present with those around you, you are completely capable of causing action by being an INSPIRATION. Often the only that is stopping you for being an effective leader is yourself! Perhaps the question we all have (sometimes) is:

"What's Missing, the presence of which will Make a Difference!?" 


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