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    if you were like me in a way, then there are times you begin to wonder to yourself if this job is all there is in my life and is this all I'm going to be doing to contribute to the betterment of mankind. Well, eventually i just wanted more, more out of life and more out of myself. When i was in my early 20's i didn't have a care in the world (realistically i should have) but i was young and had this air of confidence, it was a lot more arrogance that i was exuding in reality that came from being confident in myself. With that being said, I'm not the same person i was 5 years ago, back then i was rude, blunt, harsh, extremely sarcastic in my sense of humor, and didn't care about anyone really.

    I work in mostly construction based jobs going season to season doing grunt work, kinda suited me since i was a country boy at heart. All the hard work seemed right for me to start as employment. as time went on i started to meet new people make some friends get myself into trouble i didn't really need to get into but i was young and stupid but that's how you learn, by making mistake along the road of life. i kinda suppressed that overall feeling for awhile of needed to find more, probably because i found a girlfriend so it was a good distraction in needed to keep my mind busy. Now jump ahead to present day i found myself once again having that urge to better myself and i needed to fulfill the desire for this feeling to go away. so i did research Search i and low all over the internet something or a possible career change something to help me find what i wanted to find. At last as if out of the blue i finally came across this ad on improving your current lifestyle. on YouTube of all places and the thing was my girlfriend was actually bugging me to check out something exactly like this a week or so back but it didn't catch my attention, and i moved on.

    Now i really don't know what made me look further into this one YouTube ad cause usually as soon as i see the chance to skip ad id do, but this 5 min ad i just could bring myself to skip right on pass. and that decision set me onto the road i am traversing right now and i feel like it was a great decision for me to do cause not only am i learning how to better myself as a person, I'm also making money doing so and not having to sacrifice my time for the money. the more time i have to learn about myself and whatever interests me is time well spent. If you're like me in this in the sense that you are looking not only for a new way of doing things for employment or a new way to think and discover growth within yourself then i implore you to check out my website and find more insight into what you want and how i can help you live with a purpose. thanks for reading.

-Andrew Blais


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