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Date:  February 12, 2022

To:    All Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada

Re:    Information on the COVID narrative

Dear Members of Parliament

For almost two years, I have carefully followed and researched what has been going on with the COVID narrative within the medical, political and media establishments and found very little to be true. Only now are these facts finally coming to be verifiably false.

I wish to bring to attention several articles on much that is contrary to what has been claimed and mandated on COVID since there has been an abysmal lack of truthful information available to the public from governments and their health officials. Worse is the propaganda peddled by the media, who receive substantial funds from the pharmaceutical companies who seem to be controlling and funding this narrative of fear and fabrications.

In submitting this information to you, I ask careful consideration be given to the contents of this post that we may change course before we fall any deeper into the deceptions perpetrated by nefarious interests, including that of governments on every level.

The truth is being revealed… the public is awakening!



So, what have we, the masses, got wrong in the last couple of years of COVID hysteria? 

It's more like what our trusted authorities have got wrong and still get wrong, all too willingly. Here’s a start: 

Masks don’t work
Lockdowns don’t work
Passports don't work
PCR tests don't work
Mandates don’t work
Fear doesn't work
Social Distancing doesn’t work
Isolation doesn’t work

and..... vaccinations don't work. Rather, just the opposite.

The fact of the matter, no peer-reviewed studies exist to prove the efficacy of any of these rules, mandates and ruses. Worldwide, governments have imposed these without due process. Is it because, as Tacitus stated (below), they are corrupt? I have my opinion, but you be the judge.

--- and now we are finding the COVID 19 vaccines cause more cases than natural immunity. Actually, they are harmful, which is why Johnson & Johnson have stopped all their vaccines.

VAERS reports tens of thousands have died of the jab in the USA alone so far and over 100,000 injured, many for life. And that's just a fraction of vaccine deaths. Now we find most of those being hospitalized with COVID 19 are those vaccinated. That's because the vaxxed, with the spike proteins, destroy the T- cells, compromising immunity, possibly for life. 

On the other hand, remedies such as Ivermectin and HCQ, are withheld, even though results have been spectacular. (More on this below)

You might ask how we could have gotten so much wrong, and I would say… follow the money. It can be proven that Canada gets a kickback on each injection. That's criminal but explains a lot. It is becoming more apparent every day in witnessing this grand collusion of allopathic pharmaceutical medicine, government, corporations and agencies.  

Possibly I may not convince everyone about what’s happening, but I request the reader to at least look at some of the posts I have listed below I began to compile a couple of years ago. These articles and videos have an accumulated wealth of important information. Most are by doctors, scientists and lawyers who know about corruption and what’s happening worldwide. These brave souls are willing to stand tall to fight the battle for our liberty against Big Pharma, governments, agencies, corporations, including MSM and Big Teck.)

In this post, I’m suggesting we stand up to this tyranny before it’s too late, and we are further forced to comply with what is a violation of our freedoms and sovereignty of our bodies not to be defiled. Unfortunately, the contrived lies and bogus research of certain authorities are ultimately in service to global powers obsessed with money and control. They know how to exploit the fear and ignorance of the masses and influence by those in power.

However, I believe the world is slowly waking up to see this evil for what it is as tens of thousands fall dead and several multiples of that are injured. We must reclaim our humanity by not remaining compliant. If everyone does this, the tyranny must end. Also, let me add; beware of the misuse of the word ‘Safety’… it's being used against us, just as it was by the Nazis of Germany.

For the compliant, who are comfortable with what government health officials and Big Pharma tell them, this information probably won’t be of much interest. In fact, it may anger and frighten many to learn the ugly truth. They are deeply asleep in what is referred to as Mass Formation Psychotic Hypnosis, believing all the lies of all who have and are benefiting from the fears they have induced. 

To those who sense something is drastically wrong, I trust many will learn more about what’s going on for their sake. And not just theirs, but for the sake of children who have little choice of what’s being done to them by this experimental and unnecessary drug. 

So, if you wish, please share these posts with others who are awake or are awakening.







Below is a brief overview of some of the information contained in certain articles and videos in the above posts.


There are now more fully vaxxed ‘victims’ in the hospitals infected with the Coronavirus (along with influenza, etc.) than those of us that remain vaxx free. If that comes as a surprise, it shouldn’t, since the COVD-19 jab is now understood to not prevent infection from the virus or anything else. That’s because, rather than building up the body’s immune system, it compromises it, sometimes severely, resulting in death and lifelong injury. 


Leigh Dundas, Human Rights Attorney reports on hearings by Senator Ron Johnson held at the capital in Washington, January 24, 2022. Reports of illness from the military were released for 2021. There was Little variation in illnesses across the US military over the prior five years, averaging 1.7 million, including 2020. After vaccines were introduced in the US military in early 2021 illnesses went up to 22 million, an over two-thousand-fold increase of 20 million. There’s no longer any hiding of this by corrupt health organizations, hospitals, politicians, etc. Watch her here:

Also, listen to this interview with Attorney Thomas Renz, involved in the disclosures at the Senate hearings on January 25, 2022. https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=307762494710831  

What we’re now learning from the new epidemic of vaxxed patients is that T cells cannot cope with the spike proteins generated by the vaccine. Sadly, this reaction becomes etched in the DNA such that the damage of the spike protein could possibly remain permanent. Even Pfizer CEO Bourla recently stated in a YouTube video: “Two doses of the vaccine offers very little protection if any.” (Btw, that clip was quickly taken down yet remains with those who have captured it.) For a thorough analysis on this topic, go to the Vaxx blog post TO VAX OR NOT TO VAXX



After a couple of years now, it has become apparent this scare wasn’t about a virus but about gaining control over the masses. Looking at the current state of the world now, what could be more obvious? What made it possible was a test called PCR invented by a noble prize winner Dr Kary Mullens who said:



 Nevertheless, the test ‘cases’ was used to create hysteria and, unfortunately, still do. What the public became infected with were the regular viruses, flues and colds that go around each year. The total deaths were the same as before and averaged life expectancy at about 82 years. Those who died of viruses and flues below the age of 65, were as always, just 3 in a million. (Canadian stats in 2020). These facts were not disclosed to the public by ‘health’ authorities, only more hysteria, masks and lockdowns. 

 The PCR test results are up to 90% false positives, depending on the cycles employed to get the desired results. (See the video on the PCR post link). Based on this test, the whole scam was launched. Isn’t it interesting how the flu magically disappeared when hospitals were paid thousands of dollars (per patient) to declare deaths being COVID rather than influenza or co-morbidities? And that’s precisely when the flu came to an end. Then if they can use a ventilator in their COVID protocol, there are tens of thousands to be paid to the hospital for each patient using it. Talk about incentivizing… corruption and more corruption. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning. 

Interestingly, it has recently been reported that the average COVID patent that died had an average of four co-morbidities.  


Masks don’t work. Full stop. But that’s not what the public has been told to believe.

How many know the size of a virus particle is compared to the space between threads in a mask? I know my doctor didn’t. Judging the number of fearful souls hiding behind their germ nests, it seems very few realize how ridiculous this is, even though OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Association advised us of their ineffectiveness and harm. See more in the post.

Anyway, here are the facts:

A micron is a measurement of particle size. One micron is twenty-five thousandth of an inch.

A COVID-19 virus particle is only a fraction of a micron (between .1 to .5), whereas the open space between thread fibres in a tight threaded mask averages around 80 microns. If we say .5 or one half of a micron, the open space is many times larger than the virus. Get out the calculator but I think it might be compared to a particle of sand blowing through a chain-linked fence. 

Even entering through the nose on a water molecule from a sneeze, there is plenty of room for a microbe to enter without impediment. Contrary to what was earlier believed by some, almost all virus particles enter airborne.

This is evident when a mask is breathed through in freezing weather. The mask isn’t stopping anything other than restricting the proper exhaling of our carbon dioxide and creating a nest for infection leading to pneumonia, etc. Not to mention restricting oxygen intake for the brain and body, often by 10%, which is critical to our body’s requirements. 

Studies in various districts comparing those who wear masks and those who don't do not show a difference in those who get sick from the virus. In other words, they are useless.

One more thing, not that it ever occurred to anyone, but don’t these useless masks prove highly useful in concealing our happy smiles and then projecting a zombie horror movie onto each other? Not that anything this sinister could have been planned to scare anyone into getting vaxxed… Nah. 



Most damning of all, perhaps, is the deliberate removal of preventative cures from the public. Hydroxychloroquine ( HCQ) has been used throughout the world as antiviral prophylaxis and cure. HCQ has been an approved drug for over 65 years, saving millions of lives in Africa where parasitical infections such as Malaria are prevalent. 

Ivermectin, originally used as a veterinary drug was quickly discovered to be effective against several human diseases and is now being used as an alkaline-based antiviral medication for people in many countries.

Both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin cost pennies to produce a dose and because of this are cost-effective. These are not pharmaceuticals for Big Pharma to extract billions of dollars from governments and the general public.

If you are concerned about your health, as prevention, find a way to obtain either Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) along with zinc, vitamins C and D, and alkaline foods and herbs. Viruses don't stand a chance with these, and there would likely be no pandemic if everyone took them, especially in the early stages of illness.

Of course, most of the allopatric medical establishments, and all those beholden to Big Pharma, won't tell you this, maybe because they don't know it themselves. But I think they do. Interestingly, in certain poor regions of the world, such as Honduras and portions of India, there is less viral sickness where they rely on Ivermectin and HCQ and other natural antiviral nutrients that cost almost nothing. I’m sure Big Pharma is not pleased with these examples. 


My question is why the public doesn’t know this. Maybe it’s because too many watch cable news or are being brainwashed on Twitter? So, would the media be covering this up, just as they do with the vast demonstrations of hundreds of thousands and even millions in Europe, protesting against lockdowns and mandates?

It should be obvious Big Pharma provides the most significant revenue to MSM’s channel cables, newspapers, etc. This is why you will never hear the truth about the atrocities committed by their sponsors. The news agency, Thomson Reuters, for example, is on the board of Pfizer. So how will the truth become known through that organization? 

Nor has it been disclosed by the media that there was no science to the efficacy of masks, lockdowns, isolation, or social distancing. There still isn’t. Regarding the vaccine, even Pfizer CEO Bourla recently stated: “Two doses of the vaccine offer very little protection if any.” (Btw, that clip was soon taken down on YouTube).

Of course, we are all familiar with Big Tech’s censorship, so I need not address what is obvious.


In my opinion, the next Nuremberg Code trials for crimes against humanity can’t begin soon enough before more atrocities are committed. It seems, however, the fear-porn narrative is now falling apart more each day. Big Pharma is owned by the largest funds in the world, and there is only one criterion: profit, not the wellbeing of the public. In fact, it’s in their best interest to keep the public sick with these vaccines and booster shots by adding to the viral load of spike proteins.

Pfizer, for example, has demonstrated itself to be the most corrupt corporation in the history of the world. For example, not long ago, they were penalized $2 billion for bribing physicians. Of course, nothing has changed. Today 238 American legislators in Washington DC receive sizeable ‘donations’ from Pfizer (apparently, this is legal). 

The recipients of the Big Pharma largess are corrupt health agencies such a CDC, WHO, FDA and governments. Added to that are the notorious bad actors such as Gates, Soros, Klause Schwab, etc., throwing untold millions at the politicians and unelected bureaucrats to advance the narrative of their ‘Global Reset,’ and depopulation agenda. Sorry folks, this is no longer about conspiracy theories, just conspiracies now in plain view.

If this is not obvious, why did the FDA attempt to hide this research from the public for 75 years? As it turned out, a court ruled in the first week of 2022 that they must release all this data in increments within eight months. Soon, we will find how lethal these toxins are to the body.


The Great Barrington Declaration, with thousands of doctors and health care workers, have signed on to expose the fraud and corruption of this scam. The founders are among the top virologists from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. These brave doctors, nurses and scientists who dare to tell the truth of what’s going on are suspended and silenced. Tony Fauci has done his best to destroy these and others who will not be compromised with his vaccine agenda.

One of the foremost challengers in this resistance is Dr Robert Malone, one of the top virologists. vaccinologists, and immunologists in the world, and patented inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.[1] 

You may watch an enlightening three-hour interview of him by Joe Rogan at  https://rumble.com/vrtdku-joe-rogan-jre-1757-robert-malone-covid.html  

Dr Malone has recently outraged many in the medical/pharmaceutical establishment for his candour. He has stated, for example, based on verified data, that suppression of these preventive medicines has cost, directly and indirectly, at least 500,000 lives in the USA alone. He also states that the vaccinated are the super-spreaders of COVID.  

This would seem to be verified by the fact that in parts of Britain, eight out of 10 COVID deaths were vaccinated patients as of January 2022. If true, and this holds for the rest of the world, this is a sharp increase from November 2021.

See the ONA Data below.


Many other brave physicians and scientists are being attacked and relentlessly hunted throughout the world for being on the wrong side of the medical establishment’s narrative. 

It does not go down with the media and the powers that be for doctors to publicize the fact that natural immunity has a 27-fold more effective rate than vaccine-induced immunity. This fact is based on over 140 studies, including one study with over 2 million Israelis. Also, it has been discovered that the jab has a 2-to-4-fold increased risk of adverse effects.

The time for greed, power, compliance and complicity is over. As an optimist, I believe this madness will pass as it becomes more obvious to the vaxxed that they have been duped. I would like to think, as the world wakes up, we might be entering into a ‘golden age of higher consciousness. Btw, if interested see my post on this GOLDEN AGE


Coordinated media warfare of propaganda by Main Stream Media, Big Tech in service of pharmaceutical companies, governments, ‘health’ organizations can only be overcome by the formation of the critical mass of informed citizens of the world. This is an information war, and so it is by telling the truth that we will overcome the evil perpetrated by governments throughout the world.

If you are skeptical of what’s going on with the media, government and medicine, please take action doing your own research, then forward this post on and write to your government officials. You can find all their email address under the name of your local state, province and federal governments. 


[1] Perhaps the most qualified virologist in the world is silenced. He is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about COVID pandemic research and treatment. Here are his qualifications: Dr Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. Dr Malone has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications, which have been cited over 12,000 times. Since January 2020, Dr Malone has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modelling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Dr Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the US standing against mandated COVID vaccines for children. 





I have attached a copy of another blog post with much of the same information for the public which may be forwarded to all who might be interested in the contents.  



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