The 3 Principles for a Happy Retirement 

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Happy retirement for everyone by default  

Happy retirement sounds so natural, but the truth is often the opposite. You work hard for many years. When approaching retirement, you start dreaming about all things you are going to do when finally the retirement day comes. But what happens….?

The day when you will travel to all these places you have on your "to-do" list. Or having dinners and garden parties with friends and family that you never had time to do during your active working years. Maybe spending more quality time with your grandkids is a priority.

There are many things to think about to let all these marvelous things happen for a happy retirement. The list can be long depending on everyone’s personal background. It can also be different due to individual interests. However, the following three principles are by default key for every single retiree.

Be clear on your purpose 

Let's assume that you are working for 40 years, 5 days a week, with Saturday and Sunday off. These 5 days, you have "sold" to the company you are working for, yes, you provide working hours and get paid for it, and they will now become your private time. Think about it.

For many, it takes some time to fully understand this new situation, where you get 71% more time for yourself.

The pending "to-do" list isn't that huge that you could believe. The importance of filling your time as retired with something meaningful is compulsory for a happy retirement. All activities need to cover everything from minor daily routines to long-term projects.

To stop working and no longer meet your colleagues daily, no longer be an essential piece in the company's development, and no longer having a boss putting pressure on you (LOL) can, for many, be a trauma. It's like a divorce.

It can be tempting to finally having the possibility to sleep until late in the morning. I will not remove this privilege you get when retiring. To not be forced to step out of bed because of your job is something you definitely should enjoy, but it can be boring to do that every single day....Continue reading!>>

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