To be Authentic Means to be True to Yourself

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We were born free beings, born from love, to be loved and to love.

Very naked, very free and vulnerable and with no labels whatsoever. Depending on others to take care of us, teach us and to shape us.

Authentic and True to Yourself

But as we grow we start realising we are not as free as our fellow birds. We can not open our wings and fly, feel the air and sun from high up. Or swim like fish in the oceans. We are being very conditioned. First by our bodies. Then by our parents and their beliefs. By our society, by our place of birth, country’s political orientation, or religion, local traditions and so on. That’s how our paradigms are being framed. Simply, we are expected to reflect what others around us believe. But where’s the truth? What’s the truth?

We were born with a free will but not expected to really use it? So the truth is, the moment we reach our adult life and have all the vaccinations, we don’t have to believe in something that is not with true alignment of who we really are. Continuing in doing so and going against our own will, will only result in living somebody else’s life according to their expectations and their beliefs. In other words, denying yourself the right to choose, the right of freedom to find your own and unique path.

And still, how many people decide to remain in such limitations and never even attempt to try to find their true authenticity? And why? Of fear to see the truth.  

To be genuine to yoursef should be the number one commandment.


Love your true self by following your own values and common sense.

When on the road of finding your own style, listen to and follow your inner voice. Don’t worry about the opinions of others. They could only derail you and distract you. Many opinions are nothing more than cheap commodities with no base. Make up your own mind and if you seek an advice or mentoring, make sure it is only from a successful and fulfilled person.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs even if they’re different. We are all different anyway. No one’s like the other. So don’t be afraid to show you are different, authentic, too. You will gain respect.

Everyone possesses unique talent within oneself, you just need to recognise it and try to develop it. You owe to yourself.


Be open and aware that we all have unique path and there's a place for everyone. Therefore comparing yourself with others would be only a waste of time. It is not what they possess, but how you perceive it. And that’s how they will see you too. The whole you, your energy and how you make others feel. Though you are not here to please others, but to express yourself while respecting others.

To be true to yourself takes courage. It requires being open-minded, sincere and fair. It means that you will not let others define you or make decisions for you but you will take the responsibility for yourself and you will be in charge of your own life. And be honest, are you really ready to do it??

Freedom means responsibility. It is dear and often we don’t know how to achieve it. Teaming up with the right mentors is an option. Something I chose when looking into accelerating my process. It pays off knowing you are on the right journey and accountable.

"Remain Authentic and stay True to Yourself"


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