What can Airlines and Online Businesses Have in Common? 

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Can airlines and online businesses be compared?

Airlines and online businesses have much more in common than what you imagine. Since my blog post more than four and half years ago, the curiosity to compare airlines and online businesses has always been there.

Two days before the new year, the article invited all readers to join in for a new year journey, like an airplane trip. The success of the article was tremendous. Probably the connection with an airline journey to each and everyone’s own life and challenges ahead made the difference.

More than four years later, the explanation, or at least my view of the similarities between airlines and online businesses, will be revealed in this article.

Business model

Airlines, like all other industries, have their business models. In the case of airlines, there are different ways to distinguish the different models. There are plenty of different business models. However, you can always divide the airline industry into three categories:

  • Regional flights
  • National flights
  • International flights

Comparing to an online business, you do the same type of business model listing.

  • Local business
  • National business
  • Global business

A local business could be, for example, a plumber searching for new customers locally. It could also be a web-based platform to help customers troubleshoot before calling a service technician. The website can also be a platform for service booking, as well as sales of plumber parts.

An example of national business could be service for tax and legal advice, based on the laws and rules in the particular country.

Global businesses make offers and services that you can use in any country. Amazon is a good example. When they started in 1994, it was a typical national company focusing on one single product: books. Today it’s a global company present on all continents, offering a wide range of products in multiple niches.

To start an online business is something that anybody can do today. The amount of investment capital is no longer a hurdle. Of course, the amount of money you’re willing to put into your business will also determine how your business will look like. .....Continue reading!>>

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