When you are down...the choice you make is crucial to your character.

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I often hear of people saying they go up and then they are down. I as well feel that tug and pull. Stop and think about this for a minute. Are you going to be pulled around by life? Or...are you going to take the steering wheel and make a choice! A stand for your life? 

I am human like anyone else. I have my weak moments. My choice in life is to lift others up. Do I make the choice each day to lift me up? I would have to say No. That could be devastating when you are in a position that guides others to be positive. I find that being in a caregiver position and nurturing others becoming burnt is not so appealing for anyone. 

So when you find yourself in a downward position... what would you tell someone that is in this predicament? Take your own advice when needed is what I have done. The mirror reveals all. It works. If it doesn't, you need to reflect more deeply internally. How you respond when you find yourself in a fragile position is where the rubber meets the road. 

To reflect internally means open up the kindness in the direction of you. We are a flow of energy in/out.

~You have spent too much energy going outward (reading books, doing research, being a hero, helping others with absolute anonymous ingredients, doing everything in your power to be the best you can be to everyone). STOP! It's time for the inward flow to begin.


1. Mediation to raise your vibration click on this link and take a break.

2. Take a walk in nature to just relax.

3. Treat yourself to something that makes you smile or even better belly laugh!

4. Be kind to you on days that you are overspent. This is a re-fueling to enhance your re-creation and cultivate your passion.

5. Always remember YOU are AMAZING! If you choose you to be kind and positive you deserve that same in return. If you do not get that from others...it is your duty to your kind soul to give this to yourself.

The lesson for today is to spread kindness when you are down! Especially for yourself!

Speakeasy to your soul! 

Be kind to yourself today,