Why I Love The Truck Driver Lifestyle

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undefinedI would like to tell you why I love the truck driver lifestyle. I want you to hear my life story because I think that it could inspire someone else to begin their adventure in an HGV Class1 vehicle. I have loved the truck driver lifestyle for so many years that I could not imagine doing anything else. However, I did not always plan to make this my life story. I believe that I was fated to become an HGV Class1 vehicle, but I had to overcome obstacles to get there.

My father was a mechanic, and he was also a motocross rider. In our hometown in Romania, I learned about vehicles that my father repaired, and I got interested in going to the karting academy. This is the place where many of the best drivers in the world have started, but we could not afford it. I needed to choose a new path, and I started to wonder about the big trucks that would come into his shop. There is such a big difference between the largest trucks and the smallest cars. In fact, I began to wonder what the truck driver lifestyle looked like. This became my passion, and my life story began to change as I took a look at what it was like to drive these vehicles.

I started playing simulations on the computer that showed me what a large rig was like to drive, and I learned how these vehicles were put together. You are shown the cockpit of these vehicles, and you are shown how to shift gears. I did not know that large trucks had fractional gears, and I learned how much strength it takes to shift just from first to first-and-a-half. HGV Class1 truck simulations are simple to play, and I started thinking of what I could do to actually get my license.

I started asking friends about how I could get the license that I needed, and I was advised that I needed to get my traditional driving license first. The traditional driving license led to courses in the trunk driver lifestyle, and I discovered that I could begin a course on the HGV Class1 trucks that I was so interested in. However, there were some people who thought that my life story should go in a different path, and they wondered why I was so interested in the truck driver lifestyle. I cannot explain it, but I knew that it was something that I needed to do to be fulfilled.

I moved to Italy when it was time to go to driving school, and I made my way to a pastry shop, and I believe that the truck driver lifestyle requires a lot of training on an HGV Class1 vehicle. The life story that I was building was getting closer to becoming a reality. I believed that the life story would get better because I was living in a beautiful place, and I was working at this shop to earn money to go to the training school. The truck driver lifestyle was so appealing that I was willing to stay in Italy to work, save money, and start school.

I started school, and I was learning about the HGV Class1 that I wanted to drive, and I was studying the truck driver lifestyle because that was something I needed to learn. I believe that the school was the best place for me to go because I was training for the right vehicles, and I was given a certification that allowed me to pass my exam. I had all the documents that I needed when I came back to Romania, and I started looking for a job.

Looking for a job was an interesting experience because I believed that there were many places that I wanted to work. I needed to find a place to work that would allow me to stay in Romania, and I believed that the places I worked would allow me to enjoy the truck driver lifestyle would allow me to go to any country that I wanted. I wanted to drive an HGV Class1 because that was something that allowed me to sleep in the truck, create my own life story, and plan to live a life that was mostly on the road. I had some struggles searching for a job, but I found that I could take steps through different companies to get what I wanted.

I found that it was very hard to get a job in my home country because I had no experience. I got a couple offers from companies that I thought would not pay me well enough, and I started to wonder if I should move to another country to drive. I wanted to have a job that allowed me to move up the ranks, and I began thinking of going to the UK. There was no one around to help with this process, but I decided that I should just go to the UK. I planned to apply to companies in the UK, and I started thinking about moving.

I got an offer two weeks later from a company in the UK, and it was not long after that my wife had our baby. The baby was our signal to move to the UK, and we packed up our lives to move. My life story changed again, and the life story for my wife and child changed. I got a job in a new country driving an HGV Class1, and I got to enjoy the truck driver lifestyle because this company was willing to give me a chance. I could not believe it, but it was also one of the most exciting days of my life.

I travelled for two days on the bus to get to the UK, and I arrived at a yard that was full of Scalia trucks. The company had many vehicles that were moving out every day, and I was introduced to a Romanian driver named Cornel. He knew that I was coming, and he offered to teach me how to drive one of their trucks. He was very nice, and he showed me the ropes. I needed this training so that I could get settled in the UK, and my life story got so much better simply because I felt welcome. I learned how to drive their HGV Class1 trucks, and I got onto the road to enjoy the truck driver lifestyle.undefined

I took a local drive with Cornel, and he explained how the company worked. This was the perfect time for me to learn, and I got more comfortable with the roads in the UK. I knew that it would be interesting to drive on the left side of the road, but it was easy to get used to while I was with Cornel. He talked to me about the truck driver lifestyle, and he explained how I could make my life story even better by getting promotions and looking at other jobs/routes that might interest me.

I was given keys to an ERF at the end of the day, and an old man Clif gave me a test to see if I could truly drive the trucks the way they needed. He also talked to me about my life story, and he was very kind as he gave me the test. This was the first time that I had truly driven one of these trucks, and I found that it was much easier than I imagined. I wanted to believe that I could do it, but this was my confirmation.

I was based out of Wolverhampton, and I had deliveries to make to Shropshire. My first two weeks were fairly easy because I was learning on a simple route. The job got more and more complicated as I was given more routes, and I was thinking of what the truck driver lifestyle might be like if I was just driving around town all day. This was something that intrigued me, and it would change my life story once again if I was to alter my plan.undefined

I was nervous about driving because I was driving something the size of a house, and I felt like it was so hard to control. I could carry steel bars that were up to 14 metres long, and that alone was scary. I knew that I was doing the right thing for my family, but I started to miss them because they had to stay back in Romania. I did not get to see my son, and I was getting depressed because I did not know if this would be the right thing for me. I had to make a change, and some things changed my life story for the better.

After three months of hating the truck driver lifestyle, I decided that I needed to go back to Romania to see my family. I felt so good that I cried, and I wanted to stay long term. I knew I could not do that, and I eventually had to go back to the UK to work. My boss had my back, and I was doing a variety of things including driving the HGV Class1 rigs. I also spent time carrying loads, and I did not like the idea that I was not driving every day. Because of this, I found that I needed to leave for good. I was not planning on coming back to the UK this time, and my life story shifted completely because I made a decision that was right for me.

I got back to Romania, and we decided that it was time to pack up our family and move to Italy. The move to Italy was hard because it took me a month to find a job, and the job that I got was terrible. It was worse than the company in the UK because the conditions were terrible, a lot of the driving I had to do was illegal, and the company made us work terrible hours. I knew I needed a job, and I stayed on as long as I could. I was driving an HGV Class1 rig, but I was not happy.undefined

I spent three months at this company in an HGV Class1 before I got a call from a much more serious company and I decided that I needed to take this job. The company paid much better, and they had a very nice fleet of trucks. However, it did not last long until I had a dispute with an Italian gangster who was one of our clients. He threatened to kill me while waving his gun in my face, and I decided that it was time to go back to the UK. That job was not very good, but it was a job that was safe. My family was able to join me after a couple weeks, and we had finally realized the dream of being in a new place as a family. I was driving an HGV Class1 vehicle, and I was enjoying the truck driver lifestyle this time because the company gave me a much better offer.

We stayed together in the UK because that was good for my wife and my kid. I was overjoyed to know that they were with me, and I decided that it would be much better for me to stick it out while I could. The UK was good for us, and I had many chances to drive an HGV Class1 rig now that I was in a place where the economy was so good. I knew that I could work hard, find a better job, and stay in the UK for good.

I did not work for the new company for too long before I found a better job in an HGV Class1 vehicle. This is the best job I have ever had, and I am thinking of getting my own truck.undefined I could do so much with my new truck, enjoy the truck driver lifestyle, and I know that I can reach my goals because my family is with me and encouraging me. The moral of the story is that you have to chase your dreams no matter how hard the path is.

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