by Jacqueline Reid Ray Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement, Home and Family
June 17, 2019 I enjoy getting up about 9:00 am or10:00 am looking around my home looking at what needs to be clean, care for my Parrot bird Baby making sure she has fresh water every day fresh food. I enjoy the peace and quiet time along sometimes. I enjoy spending the time with family making should things are going well. I like fun and travel adventures I think the world is fantastic if I could fly. I will enjoy visiting ...
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Community, Social Norms, and Cliques

by Steve Martin Relationships
What are Social Norms? Social norms, in layman's terms, are unspoken rules of a particular group. Most of us have experienced social norms without using those specific terms. These rules are based on values the group shares in common.  We recognize when people stop speaking to us or when we feel accepted or unaccepted by a group. Social norms can be helpful or destructive to groups and individuals depending on what those norms are. They can help a group grow in depth ...
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The Butterfly Effect

by Andrew Thomson Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Each day, our lives are impacted by the actions and reactions of others while our own actions impact others. This is the nature of any human interaction and relationships. This impact can be powerful and positive leaving people feeling more fulfilled, inspired and confident. Our words and actions need not be great gestures, what we can take from the Butterfly Effect, small initial actions can have large, causal effects. Mobility with Drew will make a difference in people’s lives. Encouraging people ...
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Why Decisiveness Is An Important Skill To Have?

by Andrew Thomson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships
The Cambridge English Dictionary definition of decisivness:      The ability to make decisions quickly and confidently  Having the ability to make quality decisions in your professional life could be considered as one of the most precious traits someone could ever have.  So how does one become a decisive leader, In a post on character first the magazine, Judy Hejel, CEO of people and performance training in Australia, suggests the following 5 techniques to becoming a decisive leader.  Be Fully accountable. Own your decisions, speak ...
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Let's Talk About Fairness: How to treat Others?

by Andrew Thomson Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement
Fairness often has been used with regard to an ability to judge without one's reference to a standard of rightness, fairness often has been used with regard to an ability to judge, without reference to ones feelings of interest. Fairness has also been used to refer to the ability to make judgments that are overly general but are concrete and specific to a particular case. In any one case a notion of being treated as one deserves is crucial to both ...
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by Naomi Wilson Relationships, Self Improvement
No matter what age we are or which stage of life we are dealing with, the drive to make ourselves better is always on our mind.  Take yourself for instance.  Ever looked back at your photographs, letters, Facebook statuses or your tweets from a few years ago? That feeling of looking back at the past and seeing a younger self that lacked self-awareness in their actions, motivation for their life goals, and a sense of focus about their surroundings is quite excruciating. Know that feeling, right?  You want to reach ...
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by Luci Perry Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Can you answer these three simple questions? 1. Are you having a good day? 2. If you are having a good day; Why are you having a good day? 3. Tomorrow, would you rather have a good day, or would you rather have a bad day? Gen Kelsang Nyema asked these easy questions in her TEDxGreenville 2014 Conference. Gen is an American Buddhist nun who believes the gift of happiness truly lies within our own hearts and minds. She is a resident teacher in the ...
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Religion vs Spirituality

by Michal Jazdzewski Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
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Warning....Calling all entrepreneurs....Design and create your own life of freedom: Simplifying our lives for happiness.

by Jeff James Business, Home Based Business, Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education
We live such busy lives in the 21st century, demands from all angles; work patterns, friends and family, children, bills, loans, holidays, DIY, education, schools, even our pets. They all add to the pressure we feel during the year. I don't know about you but these pressures seem to escalate around the summer and at Christmas. Having 2 younger children means schools add to the pressure of stressed-out parents; Concerts, parents evenings, homework deadlines. This week alone I helped my son get his Roman ...
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Helping Other People, Responsibility, and Enablement

by Steve Martin Relationships, Self Improvement
At some time in our lives all of us face the issues and dilemmas of helping other people, responsibility, and enablement. Many times this comes from a friend or family member. Or sometimes we work in the social service field where we are in a people helping role. Other times we may be the person in need of help and we are asking ourselves where our responsibility starts and some else's helping hand begins. The "Ins and Outs" of Friends, Family, ...
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Attracting a better outcome

by Michal Jazdzewski Business, Relationships, Communications
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The road to a new future

by Michal Jazdzewski Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Communications
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The Cotton Wool Effect

by Sheila Emery Relationships, Self Improvement
As children, some of us got 'wrapped up in cotton wool' by our parents, older siblings, teachers and even friends. Everyone around us that cared about us, just want to protect us from feeling pain of any sort.  From the start of our lives, a baby in it's mother's or father's arms instinctively feels secure. We even go as far as dressing children in the softest clothes, do everything to nurturing trust and love in our actions. We take our ...
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Treasure of Life

by Mie Mie Wing Kee Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Health and Fitness
My gratification to life, I thank you to the power of creation in life, you are my light, my air and you are my guidance in all.  Thank you! Easter began nicely, with good weather and a holiday atmosphere on Good Friday, relaxing and time spent with our daughter and the grandchildren were very enjoyable. Then, my husband received some bad news which he wasn't really unexpected.  A person he had known for only a short three years, who had become a ...
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by Neil Meyers Arts and Entertainment, Computers and Technology, Relationships, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Writing and Speaking
For a list of more blog postings, go to: https://digitalbloggers.com/articles/elysiumspassage DAILY MESSAGE FROM THE PASSAGE I agree with Paul Newman in his quote except I don't think being alone is the only way to grow. It is necessary but not sufficient. We also grown through our relationships, sometimes the more difficult, the more we can grow as we come to know ourselves by how we respond to conflict. However, being alone allows us to process the situation, learn from it and grow ...
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by Neil Meyers Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Writing and Speaking
Happy Easter. Here in this painting and text below is what I would suggest is a picture and message of, and from, Jesus. I'm keeping this Easter post short but have provided links for anyone who wishes to pursue the content of this material.  The pictures are from Akiane Krumarik painted at a very young age based on her visions and dreams of Jesus and heaven (which were many). STORY OF AKIANE Go of www.Akiane.com (450 Million views) to read her story and ...
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Give a Second Chance

by Mie Mie Wing Kee Relationships, Health and Fitness, Home and Family
My gratitude to my mother and her mother who has created her and created me without you both, I would never exist in the world. Thank you! We are co-create in this life within our life, we are also co-create with each and every to have an amazing life and anything they want already happen. A decade ago, my husband had a by-pass operation at the P.A. hospital in Brisbane Australia and while he was there got to realise how hard the ...
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by Neil Meyers Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Writing and Speaking
Painting by Akiane.You may view other spectacular works of Akiane on her website at www.akiane.com   To view more posts on this blog site, go to www.elysiumspassage.com  WOW! ... this should be provocative, if not controversial! Good! So get ready for MYSTICAL ROMANCE, Book 3 of the ELYSIUM' PASSAGE novel series -- a unique exploration of Eros-Spiritual love in a romantic plot of high intrigue. Should be out by next year sometime after SURREAL ADVENTURES (Book 2) is published. But first, everyone needs ...
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Will A Wall Along The Mexican Border Reduce Illegal Immigration?

by Luci Perry Relationships, News and Society, Home and Family
President Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out dangerous, undocumented immigrants, but will a wall be the best way to reduce illegal immigration? There is already a wall. Fences, concrete barricades, gunboats, drones and SUVs. The border is nearly 2,000 miles long. It includes uninhabited desert, major cities and the Grande River. Back in 2000 my family and I decided to spend some time in San Diego, California while conducting business in Tijuana, Mexico. ...
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Collective consciousness

by Michal Jazdzewski Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
It all started over 10 years ago with one single spiritual book,, Power of subconscious mind ''  Growing up as a Christian in the Christian country I knew nothing about spirituality or other religions. Without studying the subject most of the beliefs are passed through the generations. When I think about it now I know we do absorb beliefs from the people who are around us, usually is 10 closest people around. As a youth, I was to busy with my ...
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