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You have greatness inside of you!  However, you may not feel so great first thing in the morning.  Here are 4 tips to make sure that you start every day as the giant that you are:

1.  PRAYER/MEDITATION - Give thanks and praise for all of your blessings/Meditate on your goals

2.  MAKE THE BED - Success - One thing already accomplished

3.  EXERCISE - It can be a short routine

4.  TAKE A SHOWER - A clean and fresh start to the day

Giving thanks and praise for all of your blessings, demonstrates humility and will lead to you being blessed with more.  Meditating on your goals and dreams, puts into focus your 'WHY'.

Making the bed promotes personal hygiene and a sense of ahievement, as you've already achieved one thing at the very start of your day.

Personally, I have an exercise routine which I complete in 10 minutes every morning.  This includes 5 minutes of stretching, 50 push-ups, then 50 double-leg raises(abs), then 50 leg raises(for my right hip which I dislocated in a car accident a long time ago) and then 50 squats.  This works wonders for me, but obviously you can develop a routine that works for you.

Showering in the morning is an important part of your personal hygiene and therefore your sense of well-being.

Being efficient, these tips can be accomplished in approximately 30 minutes, so should be done before anything else, for a great start to your day.

As easy as ABC-123!

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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