5 Sure Fire Strategies for When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated? I am going to share with you my 5 top tips for beating these paralysing feelings and getting back on your path to motivation and clarity again.

1.       Accept your feelings

Feeling overwhelmed is the result of loading too much on your plate.  If you’ve got too much going on at once or are trying to get everything too perfect, feelings of overwhelm can quickly arise like a storm coming in. Once you recognise these feelings, it can really help to take a step back and accept them. This enables you to take back your power; by analysing where these feelings are coming from, you will be able to act quickly to relieve them and take action to beat feeling overwhelmed. 

2.       Check in to your self-talk

‘It’s too hard… I’m never going to get it all done’... ‘I’m just not good enough.’

When we are experiencing overwhelm it can be a result of focussing inward too much. And part of that inward focus is listening to the dialogue that we have inside our heads. And in a state of overwhelm, it is rarely going to be a positive dialogue.  Negative self-talk is not only damaging, but it leads to distress, anxiety and even paralysis – it can literally stop us in our tracks.  Once we stoop and recognise the negative stories that we are telling ourselves, we can learn to stop them and change our perspective.

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3.       Change your Perspective

I am a big fan of the phrase ‘Eat the Elephant’! 

How do you eat the elephant? You break it down into small chunks of course! Can you break your issues or problems up into small chunks? Can you change your priorities? Can you ask for help? All these questions help us to look at the issues facing us objectively and come up with solutions that we are not able to come up with when we are feeling overwhelmed. I carry out a mind clearing exercise regularly – that is writing down everything that is on my mind, whether work, home or socially related. I can then calmly look at what is going on in my head and come up with methods of getting rid of a lot of the mental chatter.  

 4.       Practice Gratitude

There is always someone worse off than yourself.

It is a cliché but one I have always found to be comforting when I am feeling overwhelmed.

So, my advice is to stop, take a deep breath and focus on the here and now. Think about the positive things in your life – from having a warm bed to sleep in, a loving family, even a device to be able to read and share things on the web and be grateful for them. Many people around the world are not as lucky as you. So, take time to appreciate what you do have and what is going well in your life.

5.       Celebrate your Successes

If like me, you tend to complete talks and just shelve them, chances are you don’t take time to stop and celebrate your successes. But this is important for your own self esteem. Think back on your life over the past week, month or year and think about how you have grown, what you have learned and achieved. Take time to recognise and celebrate how far you have come, because it will give you the realisation that this moment of feeling overwhelmed is just that, a moment, and it will soon pass.


My name is Jane, and I am a Mum and entrepreneur, who has recently taken the bold step of transforming my life, as I am no longer content with trading my time for money and working in the 9 to 5 rat race. My mission is to empower others and help them find a better way of living to achieve their ultimate happiness. To find out how I am starting to live the life that I could only have ever dreamed of, visit http://theliberatedlifestyle.com/ or click on the link below.    


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