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My son Theodore is an incredible human being, who truly inspires me.  His thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness and willingness to serve others, absolutely astounds me.

I was listening to a motivational speaker this morning, as I do at the beginning of every day, and Theodore reminded me of a joke the speaker made as part of his introduction.  Now this joke, was part of a talk that I listened to on Monday morning, whilst Theodore was asleep.  I was taken aback by what Theodore said, and I felt a tremendous sense of gratitude for the truly incredible human being that God has created in my son Theodore.

Theodore and I have been bowling again today, as we did yesterday, and as we will again tomorrow, and in the next few minutes we're going out to play arcade games in another part of central Stockholm. We're both having a great time, and it's these types of memories, that I've always dreamt about creating with my son.

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