About Yesterday...

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About Yesterday…

Have you ever been haunted by the pain of yesterday? Last week was a bit difficult for me as my heart seemed to have embraced an experience that nearly destroyed me. I would like to describe myself as a strong, vibrant woman. One who refuses to succumb to negative thoughts and emotions. I also consider myself a leader and role model for girls and women. One who has been divinely charged and personally committed to persevere. However, I have those moments when I struggle to stay positive.  In those times when yesterday comes knocking; the tears follow and there is a temptation to entertain anger, shame, and regret I decide that I will feel it but for a moment. I will acknowledge the reality of the experience then embrace the reality of my present, and the hope of a vibrant future.  It does not matter how many times yesterday comes knocking. What matters most is what happens in the encounter and what is our resolve.  

How many times have you been haunted by a painful yesterday? Hopefully it has not led you to believe that you have lost value or purpose. Sometimes yesterday is a voice that repeatably attempts to divert us from a powerful purpose that would not only liberate self, but many other individuals as well. The storms we have overcome can serve as we profit from it and become life changers. This can be done when we are ready to walk that journey. I understand that healing is a process. It looks different for all, but for all, perseverance and a resolve are necessary to have complete healing. Do you have a resolve or a commitment to yourself?  Valley experiences will happen in life. If we prepare for natural disasters, why not for personal or life crises? Now this is not to suggest having a pessimistic view of life and considering the worst of outcomes. It neither suggests that you would prepared for any level of storm that come. There are somethings that we cannot completely prepare for.

I would like to share 4 ways I prepare for a yesterday and a valley that may show up unexpectedly:

1.     I recite the truth I know.  Emotions can often separate you from thoughts and stir us to act rather than think and process. Often time our feeling are not completely truthful because they shift so easily. So, we cannot anchor into feelings.

2.     I recite what good has happened - find something one good thing in the present and one good thing in the past that has happened to you. This allows us to see goodness is ever present. It also shifts the focus and magnifies the positives. Your testimony of goodness will preserve you.

3.     Recite the kindness received from strangers. This amplifies feelings of gratitude and increase awareness of divine love that finds you in any place.

4.     Recite the kindness you’ve shown to others. This amplifies feelings of worth and value.

Are there other ways you’ve guarded your heart and strengthened yourself? Preserve and press through yesterday. We are all survivors of a storm who have graduated to the position of a Life changer.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please let me know what has resonated with you? Like and share if it has helped in any way:).

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow...” Albert Einstein

Have a great week!

Yonette Belinda


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