Attracting A Positive Minded Personality - The Winning Strategy for Leaders

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Have you ever observed the people that surround your life? What are the qualities of people you spend most of your time with? What are their values and how does it influence you? There are different kinds of people that exist – the parasites (or destroyers), the Needy, the helpers and the pillars (or builders), etc. You are likely to be similar to the people you spend most of your time with. Like the saying goes, show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are. So if you associate with leaders, you are likely to display the attitude of a leader. Same thing goes if you choose to mingle with someone with a complex issue. It boils down to your mind because whatever traits these personality exhibit, you are always there to absorb it and take it all in. This article is focused on five different kinds of personalities people associate themselves with. Find out who you relate with most and figure out if they are the kind of persons you need in your life if you must attain your full potential.

1.    The Parasite: One thing about parasites is that they depend on their host. The thrive/survive at the detriment of their host. Some people live this way. They live off another person without having anything to give into that relationship. They take all you have got, your emotions, time and energy until you have nothing else to give. They end up sapping the energy left in you. So If you have someone in your life whose attitude is similar to a parasite, its time to have a rethink about your association with them or see yourself fall before you even realise it.

2.    The Needy:People who portray the habit of always being needy could be as a result of them having a low self-esteem. They always require your attention or your approval before they are able to make a decision. Such people never have a mind of their own. They remain latched to you. You can only be able to withstand not being needy yourself if you have a stronger personality and a mind of your own. Be careful you don’t join them in being too needy yourself. The attitude of always needing another person’s consent before taking a bold step signifies a red alarm of someone with inferiority complex. Spending most of your time with such personality can easily wear you out.

3.    The Helpers:This kind of person is very generous, self-sacrificing and people pleasing. They are friendly, unselfish and genuinely caring in nature. They quickly slip into sacrificing to make others happy. Most times, these kind of persons choose to help because it makes them feel worthy. Other times, it may be that they themselves have gone through difficult times and may have received help in the past. They give back by rendering a helping hand to someone who needs it. They feel the compassion to help because they have being there. Although helpers are most times moved with compassion, it is important that as a helper, you are in control of your live and emotions else, you could be a victim of your good intentions. And the people close to you would share in that pain.

4.    The go getters: They are very ambitious in nature and are willing to take the risk in getting what they want. They are always organised and on top of their game.  They remind themselves of all the reasons why they must achieve their goal. They are not ready to take NO for an answer. If you are surrounded by this set of people, then you are likely to achieve more in life provided you are always on your toes for any task. But if you ain’t ready to push like them, then prepare yourself to loose such rare gem.

5.    The Pillars/ Builders: As the name suggest, they provide support for you especially when you are down. They encourage you to rise above your failure and keep pushing you until you achieve your aim. If you are mingling with these sort of people, then you have a loyal friend or associate. However, they are likely to push you beyond your self imposed boundaries which may make you very uncomfortable if you are the laid back type.

It is important that you who is reading this article should also take time and evaluate your life and the people you associate with most of your time. Because if you fall into the category of a parasite or the Needy, but spend most of your time with a helper, go-getter or a pillar, if you do not take action in changing your mind-set about yourself, then you are more likely to loose these exceptional people. So make it your duty today to be the best version of you. The best version of you will likewise attract the best version of your close associates.

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