Building Bridges

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More than ever it feels like the time to be building bridges.

Creating stronger bonds between our friends and family members. Showing kindness and support to our neighbours, and to strangers who we interact with each day. And even more so between nations.

Our boarders don’t say too much about us these days, other than passed down beliefs and fears. The days of battles for land should be over, and our time for strong ties and universal support are now.

Boarders can be dissolved; we witnessed this with the Climate Strikes of the past week. How, with the right intentions and momentum countries can bond together and get things done for the well-being and well-fair of the world, as a whole.

This of course, can seem like an impossible feat when first approached – but remember what happened last week, keep it as a reminder of what we can achieve. It doesn’t have to be a world of separation anymore.

We’ve also seen the dissolve of separation happen many times in history; black rights, women rights, children’s right, mental health recognition, recognition & the respect of disable people – all these changes within communities around the world are still changing today, but at some point the problems stopped being blindly accepted and became something to change.

We have proved to ourselves time and time again that when something isn’t right, when something is causing harm and suffering, we have the ability to change it.

So, when you are faced with something you know is wrong, or should be shifted to work or serve others in a better way, don’t let fear dictate how you deal with it. Don’t let fear stop you from creating needed change.

Believe, like countless others have, that there is valid reasons for wanting change, that you are strong enough to make that change, and what’s needed will happen.

Never give up on something you know is worthwhile. Those are the things which need more attention, more energy, more belief. So don’t limit yourself and the changes which could have happened because you weren’t sure how to make it happen.

Sometimes it takes time. Some times you must sit with the problem, look at it from every angle, and see where the holes are.

After that is the time to be resourceful. Many, and probably most, important changes in our society have happened through collaborations and joint efforts. Usually people do not single handedly created massive change.

So release the heavy burden of doing it alone from your shoulders and be creative with how you solve the problem. It’s amazing how quickly you find help from others deeply needing and wanting the same change as you the more you vocalise your concerns and ideas for change. You will find the other support you need to more forward and get things done.

Reaching out to others and building bridges between yourself and those around you, and even across continents is a fool-proof way of gaining momentum worthy causes need in order to work.

With the internet we hold so much power, literally right under our finger tips. Most of us today have a smart phone and are able to reach many people within minutes.

We can build strong bonds throughout the digital space every second of everyday if we want to.

Just think, how many amazing achievements, just like the climate strikes, would perhaps not have been as successful, or even happen, without the internet.

The latest documented numbers are saying that over 8 million people worldwide contributed to the climate strikes. 8 million people, in one week. That’s incredible. That is bonding. That is creating strong bridges.

But don’t think that massive change has to happen that way, and that in order to do good you have to have a huge following or create a global strike for your important cause.

Of course, getting that much attention about something important is wonderful and speeds up the process of making real, authentic and sustainable change. But it can all start on your doorstep.

If you can help a neighbour carry their bags, or visit an ill family member, help a stranger with their broken down car, or sit and listen to a friend who needs someone to talk to, then you are creating monumental positive change.

The more small ‘good deeds’ we all take part it, the more positive energy is circulating around the world. They may be small, but they are significant, and will always, always be needed.

So, until you have an epiphany about how to end world hunger for good, or to radically change the world water and sanitation issues – don’t wait. Don’t stop doing good & helping out, simply because you feel like your effort isn’t enough.

By being here, being conscious, and actively doing more to help, serve ad support in our every day lives, in our communities, our friendship groups and our families, we are contributing, we are creating change, and we are building bridges of trust, faith, and joy.

Isn’t that worth it?

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