Energetic Motivations and the Pendulum Effect on Relationships

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Three Energetic Motivations

Energetic Motivations and the Pendulum Effect on Relationships

First, we are going to explain the basic three energetic motivations and then the pendulum effect on relationships.  The basic three energetic motivations are love, hate, and fear.  In order to understand the relationships between these three motivations, I first picture a triangle.  At one corner is "love."  At the second corner is "hate."  In the third corner is "fear."  Love and hate may be opposites in the sense that they are degrees of liking or disliking of people or things.  Something that most people overlook or forget though is that both love and hate connect us to those we love or hate.  They just connect us in opposite ways.  By defining who or what we intensely like or dislike we also simultaneously define part of ourselves.  Fear and love are complete opposites because degrees of fear disconnect us from things or people.  Or in more mild fear, we are differentiated from people or things.

Effects of Energetic Motivations

Just as I mentioned before, energetic motivations partially define who we are and who we are not.  Therefore, they affect our value system.  This, in turn, can affect our friendships.  Finally, energetic motivations can affect our goals and destiny.  This is where caution is needed.  We need to watch who or what we love, hate, and fear.  Remember, when it comes to love, family love, friendship appreciation, or romantic pursuits; "birds of a feather flock together."  In other words, healthy attracts healthy, dysfunction attracts dysfunction.  Hate speaks for itself.  Hating others is never a recommended course. Hating evil like exploiting the helpless has always been a trait of heros and compassion though.  Bitterness destroys the human heart and creates wars.  Fear can be reasonable or unreasonable.  The saying "False Evidence Appearing Real" sums up unreasonable fear.

The Pendulum Effect

Energetic Motivations and the Pendulum Effect on Relationships

In my life experience, I've personally went through and also observed and continue to observe in others "the pendulum effect" of these energetic motivations.  One example I can think of is that a couple of my friends have had a negative experience with religion and chose to become either agnostic or atheist.  When talking with them one can sense whether they have allowed their hate of something to define themselves or whether they have balanced a dislike toward something with favor or like toward something else.  In other words, a pendulum usually swings from one extreme over to the next.  But with time and multiple swings, it can come back to the center.  When our energies are more "centered," we allow love to define who we are in a greater or equal degree as hate and fear.  

The Reality of Life

The reality of life's experience is that we will have things we love, things we hate, and the things we fear.  We just need to evaluate the reasons why we love, hate, or fear something and to what degree.  Hopefully, we can eventually balance our lives more and be motivated by more love toward others when we see what their potential could be.  

In Summation

There are three basic energetic motivations:  Love, fear, and hate.  We need to evaluate which one or two or three are motivating our lives and how much and why.  Our ideal goal is to eventually balance more of our energies and/or be more energized by love toward people or things when we see the potential they have.

Your Takeaway

So what are your primary motivations:  love, hate, or fear?  In what areas of your life are you motivated by love, hate, fear, or a combination?  How come these motivate you and to what degree?    Overall, how are energetic motivations affecting you and how much has the pendulum effect had on your relationships and what is your plan to be more balanced or motivated by love?

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