Healing with love.

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We have challenges...some bigger than others throughout our lives. I wanted to share with you some of mine, as I know they will have some relevance to yours.

Some of these challenges I have really struggled with, to see the positive side and the lessons they might be teaching me and it has taken me a long time to forgive and let go.I was running the victim, poor me archetype for many years, which led me to play out a lot of destructive behaviour patterns.

They were not serving me just ex-saturating things, and when you hit the bottom the only way is up and most of us have to get that point first. 

I went down a new path to help me heal and through meditation, group therapies, alternative lifestyle and a clean diet I started making progress.  

This blog is to help and encourage and give gratitude to others along this same journey. I have made a list of my challenges that had a massive impact on my life.


Dad left home I was age 7

My mum was an alcoholic. 

My step parent was abusive

I went to a children's home 

My mum passed away

Got divorced and was away from my children.

Everyone has a list of challenges that have impacted their lives and they are all totally valid and relevant to them and I honour that, sharing this is another form of healing. 

Lets contemplate the lists and feel what impact it had on your lives and see what the positives are and the lesson to learn, I will share my positives. 

I have a great relationship with my dad

my mum was a beautiful and loving person, she had an illness.  

I made a choice not to have the step parent in my life. 

Had the time of my life in the children's home, it was a relief.

Mum will always be with me, she is happy now.

People change and go in different directions, my children are in my life.

These are the positives I choose and have learned some deep lessons. forgive and accept the circumstance as they do not become who you really are, and I encourage anyone to Reach out and share your stuff and get whatever support you need 

The challenges we have in life are not always through choices we have made, one of the lessons to take away are to be responsible for the choices we make accepting any outcome or reaction from that choice.

I am confident this article will be helpful and have some healing benefits for those on this healing journey.

so much love



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