How my honeymoon to Bali had me thinking about life...

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It has been just over a year now since I came back from my honeymoon in what most would call heaven on earth... Bali, Indonesia (yes that is me in the picture in awe of the coffee plantation and the rice fields - it was rather humbling)

Bali, Indonesia, Coffee plantation

Ever since experiencing such freedom amongst the lush green nature under the warm sunshine, I have had this burning desire to want to be able to go back and never return.

The experience made me wonder if life really was all about just scraping by to stay on top of bills and to slave away spending most of my hours working for somebody else, working super hard with the hope that one day soon I will have saved enough to be able to go on another 5-10 day holiday or, further down the line save enough to be able to retire at an old age where the likelihood of my body being exhausted and broken from all the slaving I've had to do to get there. None of this was fulfilling, neither was it appealing.
This was most definitely not a reality I wanted for myself or my new-born son.

What can I do to really attain the fulfilment I was looking for?
How can I earn more money but spend less time working for it?
How can I run my own business, on my own time and on my own terms?
How can I earn a hefty income without having to compromise my social life, family life or my hobbies?


All these questions were quite simply my way of asking the universe for a way out of the corporate rat race which I realised from early wasn't for me and neither did I want this for anybody around me, or anybody at all for that matter. We all deserve a much higher quality of life.

So, this drove me to start researching for a better way, a lifestyle of freedom which allows quality time for the people I love, quality time for the activities I enjoy and allowing me to achieve my dream of travelling the world as I have always wished to do.
I have always been aware of making money online, but being as close minded as I was I didn’t know the first thing about how it could be done and neither did I have the spark to want to do anything about it.

This was the case until I came across an ad that was placed on YouTube which felt like it was directly for me as the video truly answered every one of my questions, I guess this is what they call divine synchronicity, or the law of attraction, which has been serving me very well and still is.
All I had to do was enter my name and email address and I was sent a free video series where a Stuart Ross explained his story of how he became financially free from a digital lifestyle through online marketing and leveraging high ticket items. This truly opened my eyes to the possibility of how successful one can be online.

Through the help of my mentors Stuart and Jay and the entire community at SFM, in the short time I have been a member of the team, I can genuinely say that this has been a life changing experience where my mindset has gone through a major shift allowing me to see the many possibilities that can arise from affiliate marketing where we leverage high ticket items for a hefty commission using the SFM's “business in a box” tried and tested tools and education.

If you would like to find out more, I am offering that very same FREE 7 DAY VIDEO SERIES which can be claimed from the link below, and yes it is FREE, meaning I am not asking you for anything other than to take the time out to look at how this could quite potentially be your way out just like it was for me. There are no ties so give it a go, if it is your cup of tea then great, It would be a pleasure to hear from you, it is completely RISK FREE as you are able to get your money back if you dont think you have what it takes, or if it doesnt suit you.

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Life is bigger than what we have been taught to believe it is. But it is our choice, do we let those around us dictate the life we walk or do we stand up and walk the lives we were destined to live.


The doors of oppurtunity open for us many times throughout the day, but are we aware and/or ready to walk through them ?
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Dont Delay the possibilty of an abundance of freedom

To our Success

Ozair Iqbal

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