3 Simple Tips For Staying Motivated

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With 2018 fast approaching many people are probably already thinking about what they want to achieve in the new year. Unfortunately many new years resolutions end up being ditched within the first couple of months. A big factor for this is motivation, if you want to learn more about the science of motivation watch the video below. Its only short and gives some great insights!

Here are 3 of my top tips for staying motivated-

Dont allow yourself to get overwhelmed-

The moment you start feeling overwhelmed everything seems hopeless. Ever had so much work to do but still you ended up procrastinating until the last moment? Your task seems impossible. The way to get over the feeling of being over whelmed is to break your task into bite sized sections. For example say you have an 700 word essay due in in a week. Break that into just 100 words a day, now the task seems alot more simple. Also remember to take breaks from working, most people can fully concentrate on a task for only up to 30 minutes. This isnt to say then take a 30 minute break. I recommend after every 30 minutes of work to take a 5 minute break. This could be doing whatever you want to take your mind of off your work for a brief period such as meditating or just taking a short walk. 

Have a higher purpose-

Have a higher purpose for doing a task. If you're at uni or college remember your higher purpose is getting a good grade to get a good job in the field of your choice. If this higher purpose doesnt motivate you it may be time to question if you are in the right career path or time to re-asses your life goals. The same goes for those working, say your higher purpose is getting promoted. Still dont feel motivated? Maybe its time to get a new job that does motivate you to work harder. 

Keep up good habits-

For many of you out there your task that you need to remain motivated for may be to eat cleaner, sleep earlier and/or excerise more. Ironically those tasks themselfs help keep up your motivation levels. Its easy to reach for that slice of cake when feeling sluggish and when you have had barely any sleep but when your energy levels are high from all your clean eating and regular excerise you'll find it so much easy to turn down the choice of junk food. All these good habits help keep each other in check. So if you are wanting to eat cleaner maybe instead look at how much sleep (and quality of) you are getting? 

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Over and out, 

Hayley x

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