How To Meditate For A Peaceful Mind And Abundance Filled Life

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Mediation is becoming more and more popular in westernised culture. Why? Meditation helps in a number of ways. Countless scientific studies have shown it to decrease depression, stress and increase immunity. It also helps us become aware that there is no I. No self. We are not seperate from the universe, we are part of it. To summarise something I heard in a Jim Carrey speech-you call a wave a wave but that wave is still part of the ocean. Just as we call ourself I that does not make us seperate from the universe. With this knowledge it becomes easier to give unconditional love and to feel higher levels of empathy for all of that which is around you. If you want to learn more about meditation and how to mediate watch the video below, Koi is one of my favourite youtubers. His content is brilliant! So go give him a follow to and be sure to check out some of his other videos. 

Looking for an easy way to get started with meditation? I recommend getting the app called insight timer which is avaliable on both androids and iphones in either the play store or the app store. The great thing about insight timer is it has a whole range of guided meditations as well as those which are just sound. It even tells you how many people meditated at the same time as you and you can click on a individual and message them. Meditation friends from around the globe unite!

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