How would you live if you were rich?

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Just the thought of having the grip of lack broken only sends sporadic episodes of electric joy through my nervous system. Okay maybe that is hard to get but all I am saying is, I feel a wave of happiness even as I envision that day.

In SFM we like to call it the dream day. What will your day look like when you have achieved your goals. I have seen my dream day but that is not what I am going to share. I am going to look at the broader picture of what my life would look like when I get rick.

My dream goes beyond just money. We look at it as a resource that we can use to reach our fulfilling dreams. I will list down some of the things I would do when that day comes, and by the way it's coming soon because I am taking the necessary steps to get there.

Here is how I would live:

  1. Health: we have tried to live a healthy life and realized to get some of the things we need it's quite expensive. Once I get to that place where I can afford whatever I want, it will be easy for me to control my health and this includes going to the gym and working with some serious instructors.
  2. Travel: I love the notion of travel itself. I want to be able to just wake up and leave where I am because the internet is not loading as fast as I want. I want to be able to visit some of the best sites in the world. I want to go see the Eifel tower in France and the statue of Jesus the Redeemer in Brazil. I would go to the streets of Asia to taste their delicious cuisine. I want to go to Japan so I can buy myself a katana because I am a samurai fan. I want to sit on their speed train from Tokyo to upcountry Japan just for fun sake.
  3. Aid: I want to be able to support people in need. I would like to travel but along those trips, I would do stopovers to visit orphanages and help some people out. I would like to support the spread of the gospel of Christ and preaching of love to all nations. If there is some sort of anarchy in my world I want to be able to help out as much as I can. I want to be an ambassador of peace, stand up for the weak and discriminated against. I want to be a propagator of safety and harmony in my environment.
  4. Business: I want to continue to build a legacy in the business arena. I have dreamt of owning an airline. I don't want to own only a private jet but I want to own my own airline. I have seen other people do it so can I. It will help in transporting people for profit but also help transport missionaries who will dare to go out to preach peace and educate the nations.
  5. Education: I am a teacher at heart and I love to help people reach their horizons. I would invest in the education infrastructure of our country. That may mean setting up my own online University or physically that will transform the way education is done in our culture and nation. I think I want to do something unique whereby people are allowed to concentrate their lives on studying things they are passionate about rather than wasting their time learning many unprofitable ventures.

In all this, I am assuming that I have already bought my favorite car, my favorite bike: Kawasaki H2r. Yeah, I am a bike person. I dream of this bike so much. For me, its way better than a car and I am sure there are many that can agree with me on this. However, that is a discussion for another day.



All these dreams are trapped inside of me. It is amazing that when I decide to work on these thoughts and concepts I may end up being someone very influential in the world entirely. So it follows that not following through to do what is expected of me would be immoral. I would be denying that lost person hope or that orphan aid.

We all have dreams but are seated and not taking massive action to see their accomplishment. It is not right to live a life where you are a mediocre and thereby denying people the gift of YOU.

In order to follow these dreams, I have signed up with a group of passionate people who are also moving the same direction so as to get the results that are needed. The results that will impact the world. 

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Thank you for reading.

Till later. 

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