Is It Too Late?

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I’ve asked myself this question before, “is it too late?”. Often it is because I am comparing my progress with the accomplishments of others.  I’m sure you can relate. We can lose track of where we are, and how far we’ve come because we’re looking in the wrong direction. At the core of the question “Is it too late” is the questioning of our own unique greatness. We each have a unique journey to take and it is a marathon, and not a sprint. Therefore, the focus is on endurance, perseverance, and steps of active faith as we make our way through.  It is not on how fast we can get to a destination or a mark. Looking at what someone else was able to accomplish may cause you to wonder if what you possess is truly worthy of being called great. If you’ve thought that for a moment, it is likely that you have not yet seen the full manifestation of your greatness. You wait for affirmation, applause, and acknowledgement to step out with confidence and do what you know you can, and desire to do. This uncertain wait becomes a place of stagnation that slowly drains you of the vibrant, and purposeful life you are called to live.

When you’re asking if it is too late you are contemplating pulling back from acting. The truth is that many feel stuck because somewhere along their journey they gave up on their dream, and divine purpose, and opted for a life of invisibility and conformity. When we pull back we are choosing not to be seen and to actively participate in our own lives. If you feel invisible it is time for self-examination, and the personal acknowledgement of the areas you neglected to nurture. It is also time to acknowledge the gift that you are. What you have in you cannot, and should not be compared to another besides you. There are many wonders in the world and it is impossible to rank them in order of greatness. If you believe in God, and divine purpose as I do, you must know that his expression of greatness is infinite, and it encompasses you. I believe that greatness cannot be pursued. However, it can be released as we push forth in daily pursuit of our own unique purpose.  You don’t need to do another thing, or win any accolades to be called great. Take the time to know all that is in you, and to celebrate it. No one will see you if you don’t see yourself. Take action in your life at any age, stage or place you find yourself and enjoy the journey. When the question surfaces again “Is it too late?”, remember that you are called to be a champion in your own life.

Yonette Belinda

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