Living a VIBRANT, Simple and Fulfilling Life


Have you ever been hurt because of something somebody said?

It can hurt Deeply.

People won't always remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel.

I'm teaching our grandchildren now whenever possible, it's none of our business what other people think or say about them.

The character we build over our lifetime all comes from the adversities and hurts we have experienced in our life.

We can let them get us down and stay down and that is what happens to a lot of people they think about the doom and gloom.

Or watch the doom and gloom on the news on T.V. just before going to bed and that information stays with them while they try to sleep keeping them from feeling that vibrant and positive about their life.

We can build our lives around the positives, when we are down and it happens to us all at some time, we need to find a way to get back up and on the path to being the vibrant person, we were destined to be.

There is a lot of help out there that we can go to when we need it. Great books if you like to read, great videos if you prefer to listen to someone talking.

There are also live seminars that you can attend most of which will cost money to attend, but look at it as an investment in your life education.

We all look for investments to increase our cash flow, why not look at an investment in yourself to build that strong vibrant character in your self that we all seek at some time in our life.

We all will need to look at what is coming to us in the world of technology, it is changing so rapidly.

The days of writing letters by hand is almost none existent now with texting, smart phones and social media it will be difficult to keep in touch if you do not develop the skills needed to keep pace.

We are the only ones who can control what we think and say about other people. There is a reason for everything. When children are rude or bully others it's most often a learned behavior, someone has been rude or bullied them. A saying I tell myself frequently to help me forgive others "Consider the source and rise above it". 

Love is such a natural thing. Hatred, anger, prejudice, greed are all learned behavior's taught by the behaviors of others they are surrounded by in childhood. Everyone has good qualities we can bring out in them that makes them loveable.

People can change when surrounded by the right people. Reading self-improvement books daily can help people make big leaps in their own character development.

Our Character development has been growing thanks to the help of OUR MENTORS who provide us with great knowledge and insight on a continuing basis.

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