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Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.
Gospel of Matthew 7:7

As mentioned in the previous article on manifestation, we manifest our perceived reality by our vibrational resonance. Manifesting Abundance  

We perceived our reality by default, whether we are conscious or unconscious of the process. In this universe, like continually attracts like without fail. Frequencies that resonate at the same level are attracted to each other.

As whacky as it might sound, this is a basic tenant of quantum physics. To simply observe a thing causes it to exist as perceived material reality. Just the way the universe works… and is the premise for all manifest reality.

Ask yourself what you see every day in your world. Now ask if you only saw beauty and wonderful things. Since everything in the universe is already created and already exists in the quantum field of all that is as the waveform of all possibilities, we are simply choosing things from this unlimited universal field of existence and bringing it into the physical realm.

It sounds like magic to simply look at any specific quantum waveform, and say it's the materialization of what results from a wavefunction collapse. Is this how a master materialized food for 5,000 in a desert?

But what we have discovered over the last 100 years of experiments, anything that induces decoherence by coupling macroscopic quantum states to different states of the macroscopic system, causes the wavefunction to collapse into matter. However, there is only one universal process of observance and wave collapse behind all physical materializations. To read more what the most eminent of physicists have said about this, go to Physicist's Quotes at  

Though observing can mean looking, seeing, or detecting a thing, it also means focusing, feeling, or applying energy towards what is being observed. When we apply strong emotion to anything, we give it incredible power to exist in the material world. Emotion is the jet fuel of creation. In esoteric terms, observing or seeing means to energetically align and become entangled with the object of what we sense.

Some mystics say that the universe is doing its part by sending powerful high vibrational energy to us to raise our vibration and boost our manifestation abilities. I don't know, but more importantly, what is the conscious manifestation work we can do to manifest our desires with greater power and speed?

The following is a list of protocols that might help in manifesting what we most desire.


Or as it says in Hamlet. To Thine own Self be True.[1] First ask, what is it that you truly want? Many do not know what they truly want, but since we all manifest by default, whether conscious or unconscious, when we don't know what we want, we will manifest a lot of I don't know what I want.

Those asleep go through an entire lifetime of this unconscious manifesting process, wreaking havoc in their lives and all those around them. It is imperative first to know what we want and desire. Since there are infinite quantum possible versions of what we desire, we have to be very clear and detailed about this. 

Sit alone in a peaceful space with a blank sheet of paper and write at the top. 'What do I really want?' Be honest with yourself and do not write to please others; only write what you desire. The simple process of writing and transferring your dreams from inside of you onto paper begins a very real materialization process that flows from spiritual realms into the physical realm.

When we write our list of dreams and desires, know we are doing a sacred ritual that begins with the highest level of healthy self-love. In one sense, we are praying, just as we are encouraged to pray without ceasing.'  We do not have to beseech the universe/God, beg, or ask for anything since this is not how things work. Jesus stated in Matthew 21:22: And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

We are telling our Source what we are asking for by our vibrations more than just by words. God hears and answers our vibrational prayers by always giving us exactly what we ask for one hundred per cent of the time.

God never says no to any of our vibrational requests. Our vibration is sacred and holy as a spiritual offering. So, let's make it a beautiful vibration and the infinitely abundant and loving universe will shower us with blessings. Since like attracts like in this universe, we always attract what we are so we need to take an honest personal inventory of all our character traits.

Just like behaviour, character events or resonance tracks back to itself similar energies. For example, if we are impatient, the universe will send us lots of long lines and waiting. If we are stingy with things, the universe will mirror back to us what we are. If we are angry, the universe can only place angry people around us each day. Not a pleasant thought!

First, we need to make an honest evaluation of how we live in all areas of life. To know this is to increase our conscious awareness. Have we ever had what we truly desired? Have we ever done what makes us truly happy? If not, can we give ourselves an honest answer as to why not? Think about these questions, but even more so, think about the answers.

Since the universe is a giant reflective mirror that our vibrations bounce off, we are given exact matches. Who, then are we to blame when something not so nice manifests? Blame does not give us the power, so it's time we take back our power and become completely sovereign and responsible as we move on up higher.

After settling on what is desired, write down and describe each in great detail. This shall be a decree to the universe/God that always gives us exactly what we asked for vibrationally. We can write more than one thing, so make a list covering the different areas of your life.


Alignment is to become one with the thing we desire. It is the fastest way to manifest. One of the best ways to achieve this is by deep meditation and focus. Intense focus is another form of quantum observing with the mind's eye; what is meant by visualization.

When done in deep meditative focus, it takes on much greater power in bringing forth the manifestation. The mind's eye collapses the wavefunction of quantum possibility in the same way that physical seeing does. Align energy to the exact version of having and enjoying the thing desired.  


When working to bring a manifestation into the physical world, we must align with the desire and saturate our being with it. This means immersing our senses with our desire in vivid detail, including inward seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and even tasting. Since alignment is the key factor for manifestation, physically sense things in a positive way.


Interject powerful positive and passionate emotions and blend these with the inward senses. To sense emotion becomes energy in motion. A thing will only manifest when enough emotional power is added into the manifestation process. The whole purpose of life is to feel good. Make feeling good in everything we do, and in this feeling comes the highest of internal vibrations.

When we are happy, positive, and loving, we automatically attract many more good things into our life because we are in alignment. It is a determined choice, and so it just takes a bit of practice until it becomes who you are.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe, so it is imperative that we feel and practice unconditional love for all beings. We must inject understanding and compassion for all by practising vast forgiveness and letting things go. We must bless others and not curse them.

Do something good each day for others, even if it's just for a few minutes. The tenant for manifestation is like attracts like; we can only get what we give, so give something loving and good.

In accordance with the laws of the universe, the only way to manifest deep love is first to give ourselves the highest level of self-love and healthy self-respect. We cannot get something we haven't first given to ourselves. If we do this, amazing and beautiful love will come out of nowhere and show up in our world. Not only will a deep and special love come, but the entire world will come out just to show us an incredible level of love and respect


Time and space are now and here, so things can only manifest in the only time that exists in the now moment, and in the only place that exists here. When observing the manifestation, do not see it as coming soon, or next week or in another place. It cannot come this way. Ever. We must make sure the time we are experiencing is in us now, and what space we experience it is here. Any other time-space procedure is an unreality that will not collapse the wave function.


What dimension we are in manifests our perceived reality regardless of what dimensional resonance or state of being we're in. If we primarily resonate at the third-dimension level, then good luck because low vibes cause repulsion and opposite energy manifestation. The wavefunction is collapsed the same way, but for the exact opposite quantum possibility of what we were desiring.

The simple point here is we cannot manifest positive things in a lower dimension. A dimension is not a place, but a resonate state of being. We cannot manifest our desires if our vibes are low.

Emotions are the strongest form of vibration, so we must be feeling loving, happy, passionate, positive vibes for this natural process to work. As stated above, strong emotions are the energetic fuel of manifestation. Strong negative emotions will cause things to manifest just as quickly; however, the manifested result will be opposed to what you truly desire.

Pushing and fighting against or drawing attention to something we don't want makes things worse. And so it is critical we tune out all lower vibrations for the sake of manifesting wonderful things into our world.

Since two different vibrations cannot occupy the same space-time, we must focus on a low vibe by switching our focus to the higher vibration. The vibration we observe in any space-time is dominant, causing the opposite vibration to cease existing in that particular time-space.

Also, we can only observe one frequency in any one unit of space-time. We can only experience one vibration, either a high vibe, or a low vibe at any one moment, but not both.

When we focus on the high vibe, the low vibe instantly disappears from perception and vice versa. Space and time work the same way. If we focus here in the room, where is across town? If we focus on right now, where are the past and the future? To focus on different resonant energy is to move dimensionally.

The bottom line to make your dreams and desire one hundred per cent of the time is always to vibrate high. High vibes are required for our dreams to come true because high vibrational energy causes quantum wave functions to collapse, which equals manifestation.

A caveat about dimensional resonance is this: the higher the vibration state of being we are in, the faster we manifest and with much more power. We must be fully aware and mindful of this because things start to happen as we go up, so things become quite powerful. The higher the dimension, the less energy and observing are required to collapse the quantum wave function.

It takes much energy and hard work to manifest the simplest things in the third dimension, including the energy required to observe anything. This exerted energy is not required in the fifth-dimensional field. If we attempted to apply this unnecessary energy at the body level, it would have the opposite effect where the laws of metaphysics are changed.  Observing a thing in this way would cause it to return to a waveform and disappear from perceived reality.

7.  Speaking into Being

Speaking powerful positive affirmations boldly about our desired manifestation is our way to bring it into existence. Decree a thing, and it shall be so. We must passionately speak our affirmations as if we mean them.


Faith is a key tenant of manifestations because what we believe is what we believe to be our perceived reality. If we don't believe in something, it won't have a vital reality for us. Believing literally causes things to exist for the believer, so have a little faith. If we are doing something but don't really believe in, it does not have the energy required to form into perceived reality.


The following will help boost your ability to naturally manifest: Nature, meditation, art, music, ingesting energy foods, sacred knowledge and whatever else that makes you feel grounded.


There is a built-in system to let us know how we are doing in our manifestation processes. It uses our emotions to show us where we are. It's simple to read the system. Just ask how we are feeling about the manifestation. If we feel bad, which includes doubt, fear, worry, etc. we are out of alignment with what we desire. If we feel good, then we are on track, and our manifestation is about to be born into the world.

We can count on this system every time since we an instant messaging system to show us how we are doing in manifesting our dreams. We call these messages synchronicities.

As we become more and more aligned with our dreams and desires, these messages will show up all around us and only have meaning for us, but always compelling and profound meaning. It is amazing how all of this works and the more understanding and conscious awareness we inject into whatever we manifest the more amazing life will become.

If we truly desire to manifest something into our physical world, it will not only show up in our world, it will be exactly what we described. Sometimes we forget how much power and magic we have inside of us. We are all created with magnificent abilities that are mind-boggling if we but open up to them.

We will see the rest of the world making these same changes when we change our personal world and being. This is the way it works. It matters not what everyone else is doing or what is going on around us, and in time we will see direct evidence that our manifestations are also affecting others in a positive way.

If we put enough energy and passion into our manifestations, it can even change the entire world. You can have, do, or be anything right now, right here. Let us all now manifest a beautiful new world where all beings are abundant forevermore.

[1] William Shakespeare. Act 1, Scene III of Hamlet

The article above was inspired in part by an oral presentation by Michael love called Protocols of Manifestation

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Happy manifesting. It's magic.

Do you believe in magic?





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