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There are greater things in this universe that we can’t know or control.  Reaching out to the unknown can give you some guidance and hope.

I am a spiritual person, but I still believe in the unknown influencers that work hand in hand with God; the Spiritual World; Buddha, The Universe.  There are times when things are going down a certain path and I have to ask if this is destiny or are there other sources interrupting the natural flow.  It is especially at times like this that I reach out to alternative spirituality. 

One of the areas I look towards is Numerology.  For some reason, being a numbers person, I really connect with the idea of our life’s journey being mapped out based on the date and time of our birth and when we entered the Universe.  Also along the journey, there are specific occasions which influence our future based on the numbers. 

I recently had my numbers done and it was uncanny as to how accurate they were to what is happening with me in this particular point in time.  To me, it reaffirms that I am on the right path with trying to help people overcome their own fears and wonder.  Check out your numerology chart here and see if you can see the parallels in your life.  It’s free, so no need to justify the spending on yourself.  It might just give you something else to think about and believe in.

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