The law of attraction is something we can all benefit from

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"Start telling the universe what you want,

not what you don't want"

the secret

t has been scientifically proven that a positive thought, is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. Most of us aren't even aware of what we are thinking about all day long, which is really a missed opportunity.

If you want that dream car or you are single and would really like to be in a relationship but it never seems to happen..... its time to assess what is going on upstairs.

For every thought you spend time on, feel strong emotions about and believe ..... will become your reality! Are your thoughts working for or against you!

You can be a slave to your thoughts, with absolutely no control and be on a treadmill of life or you can DESIGN THE LIFE YOU DESIRE.



This can be one of the hardest thought patterns to break but is possible to correct, with practice and awareness. Letting our thoughts be on auto pilot means that there is no focus or intent, the thoughts just flow. 

If we spend our days thinking about the past, worrying about the future, being angry with someone, complaining to others etc etc.... all of this accumulates and is put out in to the universe.

The law of attraction works by our thoughts ... asking the universe, what we want. So if these thoughts are... I hate my job, i've never got any money.. the universe hears that and sends you, more of the same, which is no money and more hating your job!

Having negative emotions.... worry, anger,sadness, impatience...... is creating our future. So isn't is worth getting serious and acknowledging what we are thinking and feeling.

People who are in poverty have the power to get themselves out of there circumstances. By focusing on feeling good, even when our world doesn't reflect that, can bring abundance where there has been little before.

"Start telling the universe what you want,

not what you don't want"

Winston Churchill


The law of attraction says, that in order to attract what we desire, we need to be feeling good. So if we are feeling down, its all about changing that mood around. Do whatever makes you smile.... dance around your living room, play your fave track, meet up with friends, do a self pamper.... whatever it takes to shift from dwelling on the negative and moving towards what feels good.

We have all experienced a "bad day", the one where everything seems to go wrong! This is a perfect example of law of attraction at work. Maybe your morning is stressful, so your mood is stressed...... by carrying this stress, it brings about more stress. The only way to stop the "bad day", is to shift the mood to one that is feeling good. If we can do this straight away then the entire day or even weeks can be pleasurable and not something out of a horror movie.

It can be easier said than done to go from feeling low or stressed to happy and chilled. This is why daily practices can help keep a more balanced mindset so to prevent a rollercoaster of emotions.

Meditation is proven to be highly effective at dealing with stress and anxiety. If there are deeper rooted issues, then a decent therapist maybe the way to go.

Law of attraction cannot be effective is we are full of inner blockages and trauma. Clear that out of the way and then keep topped up in the happy place with meditation and other techniques.


Practicing gratitude daily has also been highly effective at keeping a happier disposition. By looking at all the things that we already have, instead of what we don't is the ideal foundation to feeling good.

Many people practice writing in a journal every day, so they keep their mind in this perspective of feeling thankful . It can be so easy to look at what other people have and wish for more than what we already have but by doing this, we actually miss the pleasures of the here and now.

These feel good emotions not only benefits us as individuals but also the world. Have you been in the company of a happy and joyful person..... its contagious and effects the people around them. The same is true of negative moods, they can bring you down, when in fact, before you interacted with that negative person, you felt at peace. 

A community, town, city or country can have the same impact on the laws of the universe. I believe this is part of the cause of covid 19. How many years have we been abusing the planet and each other. How long have we felt hopeless and powerless with the way governments are run!! A mass of people, all putting out hatred, fear, despair and negativity has most definitely been building up for many decades..... so we are now experiencing the effects of that.

"If you want to understand the universe,

think of energy, frequency and vibration".


Nikola Tesla




Now, its not the case, that all we need to do to get what we desire, is to sit around and think happy thoughts and that's it. We need to be feeling good emotions, asking for what we want and in detail.... be exact and consistent with the asking. Then there is the gratitude practice to keep the momentum of the all important feel good emotions. 

Then there is seeing the images of what we want...... by closing our eyes and imaging that car or partner..... we then bring about the emotion of what it would be like to already be in possession of what we desire.

Its important to think about the end result, in other words, thinking like you are already in possession of what you want. To be only thinking about things, doesn't make a powerful enough vibration..... it needs to be powerful enough to be attracted. So imagine driving the sports car, hear the engine , feel the steering wheel and picture yourself driving.

The most successful people in the world, have been using law of attraction for years and they practice it, every single day. Because they know how powerful and real, the law of attraction is!!

Jack Canfield, the author of chicken soup for the soul, visualised having $100,000 . He wrote that number on a dollar bill and stuck it on his bedroom wall. Every morning, the first thing he saw, was this $100,000. After several weeks, people and circumstances began to introduce themselves in to his life, around his book he was trying to sell. He went on to earn over $90,000 and later over a million dollars and more.



The thoughts we think can have an impact not just on our emotional well-being but also on our physical health. The word disease means... diss.... ease!!! The body is not at ease and so will cause this within our cells and can cause all sorts of illnesses from cancer to heart disease! Stress is a major factor in today's world. 

A woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of focusing on the cancer, she refused chemotherapy or radiation and began to use laughter to fight the illness. Not only that, she saw herself as someone who was cancer free. This powerful thought process completely cured her of the cancer and without any medical treatment!

If you have a disease and it is focused upon and talked about, then thee will be a production of more diseased cells because that is what is being put out in to the universe.... we get what we are most focusing on.

If we see ourselves as living a healthy life and practising that with their behaviour then nothing but health can live inside of us. The body literally has the ability to heal itself, no matter what the physical condition.


There is so much information about the law of attraction that can't be ignored easily. It is basically thinking and feeling good within ourselves that will show itself in physical reality. Instead of wasting so much energy on the things we don't want, which only has the result of lack, misery and illness. Why not focus on the beauty in the world, on what we already have that we are thankful for. Even if the law of attraction isn't attracted immediately, isn't it worth it to experience the effects of positive thoughts!




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