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Have you ever wondered why wasps sting certain people more than others ?

I certainly have, what makes them sting? Is it because they are mad at something or they don't like the color of your clothing ? Or are you just in their way ? Our was it your sudden movement ?

Pat has been stung on her arm just sitting out on the deck haveing our morning coffee and a wasp flew into the open sleeve of her housecoat and stung her three times. 

That house coat came off in a hurry because the wasp was still inside her sleeve.

 Last year she was stung on her ankle as she was about to enter the door into the house. We think that was because they had a nest in an opening in the siding beside the door and a worker was fixing the railing and banging with a hammer.

That probably got them agitated and they struck out at the closest target which was her ankle. Her ankle really swelled up and was a problem for quite a while.

This years sting did not really swell up and really wasn't much of a bother, except for the initial stings.

We often marvel at the wonderful world that nature provides for us all to enjoy. Living in the Muskokas we see nature at its finest and sometimes at its nastiest.

We do have some mammoth storms summer and winter. 

We had one this summer that damaged some homes and uprooted trees which knocked the power out at our place for about 8 hrs and some other areas did not have power for 48 hrs.

We also see the beautiful animals that live in the bush, we have numerous deer that frequent our backyard golf course. We have one female doe with two fawns that still have the white spots on them, we watch them playing on the fairways ,running and jumping, so cute to watch.

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