Take every chance, drop every fear

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"Take every chance, drop every fear."

My favourite quote of all time, "Take every chance, drop every fear."

But although it has been so for a very long time, I never really took immediate action, never really stopped thinking about the consequences, wether they be amazing or horrifying, that would follow my actions. I have always worried about the next step, I worried in advance for what was still only in my head. I have always been scared to TAKE ACTION.

For me, my family is my number one priority, and my Mama comes on top. I just feel responsible of them, gotta make them happy, advise them, help them with their problems ( my mom always calls me the psychological consulant of the family ), and just do whatever else I feel like I have to do.  

I had so many dreams, that were just buried inside of me. I wanted to be a psychologist, I wanted to be a networking professional, I wanted to travel the whole world, and most importantly I  wanted to make an impact on the world.her mind in space

But I couldn't do it. At least, not alone...

To be continued.

Stay tuned,



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