What is awaiting us?

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Life can be sometimes nasty, can be cruel, can be (well so many adjectives that cannot be written!!)
BUT life is a long bumpy road in a dark and overpopulated (with vegetation of course) that - if taken correctly - can lead to wonderful destinations.


How many times have we seen this image?

Maybe not this picture on its own, but a similar one. One that inspires, one that makes you think. One that sparkles that something positive into your gloomy existence. 

It cannot be a simple picture, a mixture of colours put in order, to change your life! It cannot be a quote like this maybe :

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement"

- Helen Keller

BUT it is the life itself - and the lessons we learnt through its events.

One day you wake up, maybe unconsciously, but you know you had enough. NOT enough of living, let us be clear, but ENOUGH OF LIVING LIKE THAT! You need a change, a dramatic change! One that can crush your past beliefs and put you on a completely different path from where you were clamping along the way previously.

This is what that brought us here. Yeah 'US' because you have to be a couple of souls, united towards the same target! United to support each other - along the bumpy road; along the dark forest - but towards the 'beautiful destination'.

So let us start the journey! We wish to have YOU as a silent (maybe not so silent too!) companion.

Follow us, you will not regret it!!

Pierre & Simone

Bonavia Camilleri

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