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Are you doing it!!

Becouse He has given His Word '' in John 5:8 all Jesus did was telling that man to get up and pick up his mat and walk. You would have thought He would be helping him up, because ,, one,,  that man has been in that condition from birth, so a helping hand could have been appropriated, you know.                                                                                 I want you to read this scripture and seat down and let it meditate upon your heart and you will understand what I meant.                                                                                        But Gods Word did it all, so, you see , all we need is His Word , which is the green light , for He said l created this Word with my words.                                                                So my dear All Jesus is telling you today wherever you’re is , stand on His Word and take over your destiny from the devil hand and declared to the devil you have been given the green  lights to retrieve all your blessings and leave the life God already has in mind for you, IN JESUS NAME.                                      ARE YOU DOING IT.  

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