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 l know you remember

When the king of Ammonites called Nahash died, his son Hanun succeeded him,  David thought i will show kindness to Hanun and sent a delegation to express his sympathy to Hanun concerning his father.

But this king and his men took it in the wrong way and as a results of that, they seized David envoy and shave half of their beard and also cut off their robes at the buttocks and sent them home.Knaw, they did this two things to them just to make sure evryone around them, family.. friends.. co-wokers etc will no what they have done to them, this is in 2 Sam 10:1-4.

Maybe this is what you are going through at this moment, the devil has afflicted your life or the life of a love one in this way .but l want you to know that God will make sure your delivirance and your victory too is made poblic. Remember john 9:9 when he had his breakthrough some claimed that he was, others said no he looks like him, But he himself said to them I AM THE MAN.

This is your testimony in the name of JESUS. 


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